Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Worth another look. . .

Another “Cheep” goof by headline editor(s)
at Palm Beach Post.

Here is the headline in last Saturday’s print edition on p. B1 ‘LOCAL’ section:

‘Cheep beer’ remark sparked attack in Greenacres [sic] Mobile Home Park

Now imagine you were crime reporter Olivia Hitchcock and had to start off the day covering even more mayhem after reading that mangled headline about this terrible crime in suburban Palm Beach County. This top-notch reporter at the Post puts so much time and effort covering this gruesome and ghastly crime and the editor(s) distracted everyone with an appallingly “Cheep” headline. That headline should have read:

‘Cheap beer’ remark sparked attack in
Green Acres Mobile Home Park

And as you’ll learn a little later, this crime DID NOT happen in the City of Greenacres and that mobile home park is called “Green Acres”, not ‘Greenacres’.

cheep, noun: A shrill squeaky cry made by a bird, typically a young one. Synonyms: chirp, chirrup, twitter, tweet, peep, chitter, chirr, trill, warble.
     Used in a sentence, “the summer sounds of bees buzzing and birds cheeping” or “the headline editor got distracted by the tweet, chirp, and trill in the newsroom and confused the word ‘cheep’ with the word ‘cheap’ ”.

You see, the headline editor made another error too. The Green Acres Mobile Home Park is not in the City of Greenacres. That mobile home park is located in unincorporated Palm Beach County or also accurately referred to as suburban Lake Worth because that location uses a ‘Lake Worth’ zip code.

The address for the Green Acres Mobile Home Park is 3033 S. Military Trail, Lake Worth, FL 33463. For those of you wondering why the City of Lake Worth wants to rename this City “Lake Worth Beach” you can better understand why.

How long did it take to find this information?
About two minutes or so.

Click on map to enlarge. The crime reported by
Olivia Hitchcock occurred in unincorporated PBC
(area in white) between the City of Greenacres
and Village of Palm Springs:

For the headline editor(s) at the Post, learn how to use the Geo Nav Mapping Tool to find out, “Where exactly are places, cities, towns and villages in Palm Beach County? And why it matters.”