Thursday, October 18, 2018

Two updates: From PBSO and City of Greenacres too: They made LOCAL news section in Palm Beach Post!

This is truly exciting. Much more exciting than what’s reported in today’s Lake Worth Very Very Special Monday Cursory Print Edition (LWVVSMCPE). The two recent updates are below.

Usually the only stuff about Greenacres that makes news in the Post is about the latest sweet offering from Hoffman’s Chocolate at 5190 Lake Worth Rd., the listings in the Real Estate section, trouble and mayhem at a trailer park just east outside the municipal limits, vehicle crashes and the occasional crime. To actually see real news reported in the Post about the work of government in Greenacres should interest everyone in Central Palm Beach County.

FYI: November 1st will mark 6 months since Gatehouse Media bought the Post. So maybe going forward there will be less focus on this City of Lake Worth and more focus on other nearby municipalities, e.g., Palm Springs, Lake Clarke Shores, Lantana and maybe even the Great Walled City of Atlantis too. After three years — every single Monday in the Post — it’s about time to hang up that LWVVSMCPE and let other municipalities be the star.

Without further ado . . . to the updates!

UPDATE #1: The City of Greenacres finally got their beat reporter back from the Post after nearly a three-year hiatus covering their local government and public policy news. This is a huge development and may be a signal the City of Lake Worth will be getting a new beat reporter like Boynton Beach and Jupiter did. It’s not unusual for the Post to switch out beat reporters and maybe the City of Lake Worth will get a female reporter since it’s been so long this City had a female perspective.

And this may also mean the long-expected update about the Greenacres police dept. merge with PBSO back in 2015 will be a major news story some day soon as well. Learn more about that following Update #2.

Here are the two opening paragraphs in the print edition of the Post today on p. B3 above the fold by beat reporter Kevin Thompson:

GREENACRES — In hopes of creating a better Greenacres, the city on Saturday is hosting its first public input meeting to gets residents’ thoughts on how Palm Beach County’s eighth largest city can grow.

“We want to know from residents what they think Greenacres should look like and what our strong points are,” Greenacres City Manager Andrea McCue said. “We want to use that information… to come up with a strategic plan for the city we’re hoping turns into an economic development plan for us.”

Unfortunately, Greenacres Mayor Joel Flores did not get quoted in the Post but to learn more about City Manager Andrea McCue click on this link.

UPDATE #2. Please pause for Tweet to load from PBSO.

To watch video click on play icon:

Whilst on the topic. . .

Recent front page news in Lake Worth Herald, “PBSO Celebrates 10 Years Serving Lake Worth”. This is very important as well:

Support LOCAL newspapers and LOCAL small town journalism.

See newspaper clipping below from last week; Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw with elected officials from the City of Lake Worth.

The news about PBSO District 14 was big LOCAL news in The Lake Worth Herald and also a top story reported in The Coastal & Greenacres Observer as well.

Please note the three-year anniversary of PBSO District 16 in the City of Greenacres is very soon and one would expect The Palm Beach Post to dedicate a beat reporter to cover this very worthy news about public safety and public policy in Central Palm Beach County.

To see this week’s front page headlines in the Herald and the Observer click on this link. Following the newspaper clipping are excerpts from the account in the Herald, where to pick up the print edition, how to become a subscriber and contact the editor.

Newspaper clipping from the Observer.

The scene at PBSO headquarters
on Monday, October 1st:

Left to right: District 4 Commissioner Herman C. Robinson, Vice Mayor Pro Tem Scott Maxwell, Sheriff Ric Bradshaw and Mayor Pam Triolo.

[FYI. In newspaper clipping above, two notable notables not in attendance: Lake Worth Vice Mayor Andy Amoroso was in Washington, D.C. all week with the Palm Beach County League of Cities’ “Fast Fly-In Team” meeting with Congressional elected officials and staff representing Palm Beach County. District 2 Commissioner Omari Hardy, of course, had a very good reason to be absent as well. Hardy is a public school teacher during the day, a crucial public service.]

Two excerpts from the front page news in the Herald:

It hardly seems like it has been ten years since the Lake Worth Police Department merged with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

At the time, all but one or two of the Lake Worth officers were hired by PBSO and stayed in PBSO District 14 performing the duties of law enforcement in an area they were familiar with. Residents also appreciated having familiar officers, even with a different color uniform.

and. . .

Bradshaw [Sheriff Ric Bradshaw] grew up in Lake Worth and expressed the special place in his heart the city has always held.

When Bradshaw was in High School he participated in Government Take Over Day, acting as, you guessed it, Police Chief of Lake Worth.

Bradshaw talked about progress made in Lake Worth through the years.

Lake Worth Mayor Pam Triolo said the City has enacted over 140 Ordinances since the merger to give PBSO the ability to enforce laws and protect the citizens of Lake Worth.

About The Lake Worth Herald and Coastal & Greenacres Observer:

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