Saturday, October 6, 2018

City of Boynton Beach has a new beat reporter from The Palm Beach Post.

Time for new beat reporter
in City of Lake Worth too,
a female perspective?

FYI. Important upcoming date: November 1st will mark six months since Gatehouse Media took over at the Post.

It’s not unusual for the Post to switch out reporters to keep things interesting. Reporter Chelsea Todaro took over the Boynton Beach beat from Alexandra Seltzer who is covering very important developments in suburban Palm Beach County. Who knows, maybe Red Denty is in the wings to take over the Lake Worth beat for the Post. Denty was the beat reporter for a brief period of time in Boynton as well.

And then there are the always interesting reads from Hannah Morse who took over for the now-retired Bill DiPaolo in the Town of Jupiter. And you may recall Kevin Thompson used to cover the beat in the Village of Royal Palm Beach and the City of Greenacres too.

Our hopes were dashed here in the City of Lake Worth when McKenna Ross’ internship was over and then she left Palm Beach County. The hope was Ross would become our new beat reporter in this City. The last female beat reporter covering the Lake Worth beat was Lona O’Connor way back in 2009–2010.

Wouldn’t a female perspective be something new in Lake Worth City Hall? For the history of beat reporters here in this City and instructions how to write a Letter to the Editor too click on this link.

Whilst you ponder the idea of a new beat reporter
let’s take a look back. . .

It was news last year by staff writer Jan Tuckwood (see below) that got everyone’s attention in Palm Beach County, especially so in West Palm Beach, Delray Beach, Jupiter, and the news shook the ground as far west as the Village of Wellington and the Arden Agrihood too.

The City of Lake Worth is and remains to this day the only City in PBC to receive an 8-page Special Insert published in the Sunday edition titled, “Hometown Destinations”.

You see, it was Tuckwood who broke through
all the noise and the clutter.

For example, from page S5 of “Hometown Destinations” (click on image to enlarge):

“The Day” was Sunday, March 26th, 2017.

The caption under the second photo reads,
“Michael Bornstein portrays the iconic Barefoot Mailman at the Historical Society’s Barefoot
on the Beach event.”

Delray Beach was never given such a high honor as an 8-page Special Insert in the Sunday print edition, “Hometown Destinations”. In fact, Delray is not even one of the Post’s six Special Cities even though one of their best reporters, Lulu Ramadan, is the beat reporter in Delray!

To give you an idea how much work went into this “Special Keepsake” consider this:

  • The tremendously talented cover design was produced by the famous Kevin van Derr Werff and the graphics by the equally-talented Steve Lopez.
  • Eight (8) photographers contributed to this Special Insert! Jan Tuckwood, Damon Higgins, Bruce R. Bennett, Gary Coronado, Ellie Gutierrez, Richard Graulich, Melanie Bell, Allen Eyestone, and beat reporter Kevin Thompson contributed photos too.
  • Feature writer Liz Balmaseda’s contribution was amazing news about the restaurant and food scene here in the L-Dub.

Seen any news recently about a restaurant
closing in L-Dub?

The next time you read any news about a restaurant closing in this City of Lake Worth, well, sadly, that happens all the time in the Palm Beach County food scene. For example, according to Liz Balmaseda, a restaurant recently closed in Wellington. But guess what! Also according to Balmaseda a new, exciting restaurant shortly afterwards opened up in the City of Lake Worth!

From the restaurant review titled, “A rebel chef’s grand return: Jewell sparkles in Lake Worth”:

Some of the county’s most brazen cooking is happening at a small, casual restaurant in Lake Worth. It’s easy to blur by Jewell Bistro [830 N. Dixie Hwy.], which opened early this year in the former Zapata space on North Dixie Highway — it’s the squat, black structure that’s tucked between a car wash and a botánica. But I’m glad I stopped in on a recent night.
     The rebel chef behind this enterprise is no stranger to local-food lovers. Dak Kerprich earned cult-hero status when he ran Pizzeria Oceano, [emphasis added] the Lantana restaurant that preceded chefs Jeremy and Cindy Bearman’s Oceano Kitchen.

There will always be a special place here in the
L-Dub for all the folks at the Post for
that very Special Keepsake:

Meet the City of Lake Worth and Mr. Ben Kerr,
the City’s Public Information Officer, from a birds point-of-view outside City Hall.