Thursday, October 18, 2018

Tonight: City Commission Work Session at City Hall.

Once again. . .

WARNING. Citizenry of Lake Worth: Get ready for ‘fireworks’
in the L-Dub! 

Please pause here momentarily. This is very important.

Below is a YouTube video of an actual fireworks display here in this little City of Lake Worth. The word ‘fireworks’ in the blog post title above (in ‘finger quotes’) is called a metaphor (or some might call a euphemism). A metaphor is a noun meaning, “[A] figure of speech in which a term or phrase is applied to something to which it is not literally applicable in order to suggest a resemblance, as in ‘A mighty fortress is our God.’ ”

Simply put: Expect to hear and read a whole lot of stuff about a public meeting coming up soon. How big is this news? It’s very possible this news may actually get reported in The Palm Beach Post.

Thank You for your patience. Now let’s proceed to our regularly scheduled program today.

It’s gonna be a fun show!

At Work Session tonight (Thurs., Oct. 18th) is Item 3B:

Discussion regarding Potential Ballot Questions for the March [2019] Municipal Elections.

More information from the “Executive Brief ”:


The Commission may consider placing items on the March 12, 2019 ballot for the citizens of Lake Worth to vote on as part of the regular Municipal Election cycle.

Background and Justification:

The upcoming March 12th Municipal Election ballot offers the Commission the opportunity to place questions on the ballot for consideration by the Citizens of Lake Worth. The deadline for submittal of ballot questions by the City to the Supervisor of Elections is January 11, 2019. Additionally, the actual ballot language for each question must be finalized and voted on by the Commission prior to this submittal date.

The following issues have been mentioned publicly by the Commission as well as during individual discussions with the City Manager as potential ballot questions. These include, but are not limited to:
  • Authorization to sell City owned property(ies) per City Charter.
  • Change the name of the City of Lake Worth to include “Beach”.
  • Authorize a long term lease with County for the Jewell Cove/Steinhardt properties.

This discussion will provide much needed input for staff necessary for the development of any subsequent Commission Agenda Items for public review and Commission consideration before potentially being placed on March ballot for vote by the Citizenry.

Once again. Please pause here momentarily.

Scroll back up and look over the bullet list from agenda Item 3B at the City Commission tonight.

“Lake Worth Beach” will be a big topic of discussion and one that’s taken a long time to finally move forward. A lot of people are very excited about adding the “Beach”. To learn more consider, “Making the case: The City of Lake Worth needs a name change.”

The item “Jewell Cove/Steinhardt properties” will take a while to explain. An entire blog post all its own, an issue that goes way back. So stay tuned for more about that.

However. . .

Expect a lot of ‘fireworks’ too over another item. The ballot question, “[T]o sell City owned property(ies) per City Charter”!

You were warned.
Get ready for the ‘fireworks’ tomorrow.

Of course, speaking metaphorically and/or euphemistically about “fireworks”.

 Here are actual firework from ten years ago.
Enjoy the show from Lake Worth BEACH!

More information about the Work Session tonight, information per the City’s website:

“Backup [information] will be provided at the meeting.”

And as always, Thank You for visiting today.