Tuesday, November 6, 2018

This Saturday (Nov. 10th) is the Veterans Day Parade and Ceremony of Honor in the City of Lake Worth.

Monday, Nov. 12th is the official observance of Veterans Day in the United States, a government holiday.

Here in this six square mile City of Lake Worth the final resting place for many veterans is Pinecrest Cemetery. Learn more about this cemetery below.

And Sunday, Nov. 11th is the one hundred year anniversary of one of the most significant days in American History:

Armistice Day, marking the official end of World War I:

100 years ago. . .

In 1918, at that resonant moment, the 11th hour, of the 11th day, in the 11th month, the war we said would end all wars came to an end.

Please make plans to participate this year.

Veterans Day is every year on November 11th. Since this day is a Sunday this year the City of Lake Worth’s annual Veterans Day events will be held on Saturday. See below for contact information and start planning now if your organization would like to take part.

The City of Lake Worth has a cemetery for veterans: Pinecrest Cemetery.

Hard to believe but still some TV news reporters and local beat reporters at The Palm Beach Post have difficulty with identifying the actual City of Lake Worth and areas outside the City. Take for example the South Florida National Cemetery (SFNC), a national cemetery maintained by the U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs officially dedicated in March 2008. The SFNC is located west of Greenacres and south of Wellington.

Everyone values the First Amendment and Free Speech. But enough is enough. When the Post year after year confuses the public about where the City of Lake Worth is located and about something so important as to where our nation’s veterans are buried something had to be done. Click on this link to learn more about what happened at the Lake Worth City Commission.

The history of Pinecrest Cemetery began in 1915. Every year in this City a ceremony is held at Pinecrest Cemetery to honor those veterans. Stay tuned for more details.

On the topic of veterans below is very interesting information from The Lake Worth Herald about American Legion Vogel-Lee Post #47 that was chartered almost ninety-nine years ago. Also of historical significance in this City is I. A. Banks Memorial Park, formerly called the Osborne Municipal Cemetery. Learn more about these two historical topics below.

The City of Lake Worth invites everyone to Pinecrest Cemetery and the Downtown Parade that follows to honor American veterans and their service.

“Save the Date!”

For more information contact Mr. Ben Kerr, the City’s public information officer at 561-586-1631 or send an email: bkerr@lakeworth.org

Now to some very interesting history about the City of Lake Worth.

From the Genealogical Society of Palm Beach County is this excerpt about the “Pine Crest” cemetery which later became known as Pinecrest:

In 1915, the Lake Worth governing body appointed a committee to scout around and find a suitable location for a cemetery. The committee members reported that there was a 9.2 acres parcel adjoining the southwest corner of the town, immediately west of A Street between 9th Avenue South and 12th Avenue South. The city commission was urged to buy the land before the price went up, which they did, paying $10 per acre for a total of $920.00.

The address for Pinecrest Cemetery is 1724 12th Ave. South. For more information about this cemetery contact Andy Helbling, the City of Lake Worth’s Grounds & Cemetery Supervisor on Monday–Friday from 8:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m. at 561-586-1677 or by email at: ahelbling@lakeworth.org

FYI: The City of Lake Worth’s I. A. Banks Memorial Park (the former Osborne Municipal Cemetery) is a 1½-acre cemetery located in what was called the “Osborne Addition” which was for African Americans during segregation. This cemetery is located at the northwest corner of Washington Ave. and Wingfield St. In 1983 the City was petitioned to rename this cemetery in honor of Rev. Ira A. Banks, the founder of New Hope Baptist Church located diagonally southeast across Washington Ave.

More City of Lake Worth history.

The American Legion Vogel-Lee Post #47 was chartered on October 16th, 1919. The first commander was a man named John Prince. Does that name sound familiar?

The Post name “Vogel-Lee” is in honor of Mr. Vogel, “the first from the area KIA [Killed In Action] in WWI and Mr. Lee was the first from the area KIA in WWII.”

More information courtesy of your LOCAL newspaper, The Lake Worth Herald:

The American Legion Vogel-Lee Post is located at 2315 N. Dixie Hwy. in the City of Lake Worth. Commander is Herm Apol. All veterans welcome. Regular meetings are on the third Wednesday of the month at 7:00. Next meeting is on November 21st:

Free one year’s membership to new signups. BINGO every Thursday at 6:30; FREE card on your birthday. Dinners every Saturday from 3:00–6:00. Karaoke every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings. For more information call 561-582-4616.

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