Friday, February 9, 2018

Mayor Pam Triolo’s State of the City Address was last night at the vibrant Lake Worth Casino Ballroom.

UPDATE: To see the entire 2018 State of the City Address click on this link for the Lake Worth Casino Facebook page and scroll down for the video (note: fast forward to the 18:00 minute mark). Check back later for excerpts from Mayor Pam Triolo’s speech.

Mayor Triolo did a spectacular job!

Although I was unable to attend last night there were several citizen reporters at the Ballroom who relayed many details about what happened. And most notably ALL of the City Commission was on the stage last night unlike in past years. Check back later on for more information.

Also, hopefully, Mayor Triolo will be treated more fairly than she was last year by the editor(s) at The Palm Beach Post when she was misquoted and taken completely out of context at last year’s State of the City Address (see newspaper clipping below). 

Meet Mayor Pam Triolo:
Click on this link for the entire City Commission, the mayor and each of the four district City commissioners.

This newspaper clipping from January 2017 had the public asking, “Did the mayor say that?”
Note: There is a very big difference between the word ‘nowhere’ and the words “not where” which is what Mayor Pam Triolo actually said on January 31st, 2017. Click on this link to find out why.

This error in the Post last year should have been either corrected and/or clarified but no correction or clarification was ever published by the editor and sadly, this is nothing new by any means. However, if you think there’s nothing you can do about this you are mistaken. You can do like one City of Lake Worth resident who wrote:

“For months I’ve been meaning to cancel my subscription to the tedious Palm Beach Post.”

and then, exquisitely prose-like. . .

     “I have been propelled at last, from a mild discontent into an unbearable ennui that must be attended to. That this happened on this starry Christmas morning is both sad and surprising.”