Friday, July 27, 2018

The Palm Beach Post and Shiny Sheet were sold to a New York based media group.

Yes it’s true. The sale was finalized on May 1st for all of you who missed this news in the Post and Shiny Sheet. Were you one of those who cancelled the Post in disgust last year? Learn more about that below.

GateHouse Media has taken over
at The Palm Beach Post and
Palm Beach Daily News (aka, The Shiny Sheet).

“Executives at New York-based New Media Investment Group Inc. said the sister papers will join a growing GateHouse Media stable of more than 140 daily newspapers. That represents more than 1 in 10 in the country.”

—Quote. From article in Palm Beach Post dated March 28th, 2018.

From page A2 of the print edition on May 1st:

Along with new subscribers, the news owners of the Post may want to consider reaching out to some former subscribers as well. For example. . .

Word for word, below is what was posted on Facebook by City of Lake Worth resident Mary Lindsey on Christmas Day, 2017:

Yes, I’m a procrastinator; a trait that’s not helpful for someone who nonetheless keeps adding plates to spin, but there I am. For months I’ve been meaning to cancel my subscription to the tedious Palm Beach Post. Not because I felt the need to protest the worse than spotty accuracy of their coverage of Lake Worth.
     And not because they seem oblivious to exactly where the City of Lake Worth is and isn’t nestled in the heart of Palm Beach County. And not because I don’t personally care for the Post reporter assigned to Lake Worth, because I do. Kevin D. Thompson​ has always seemed to be a good and decent man, with whom I’ve had many not-unpleasant and always polite disagreements. In fairness, I will always remain grateful for his stories featuring news about Lake Worth community efforts I’ve been involved in like Neighborhood Watch and of course the early days of the Little Free Libraries project. Still, I have been propelled at last, from a mild discontent into an unbearable ennui* that must be attended to. That this happened on this starry Christmas morning is both sad and surprising.
     The article published on the “In Focus Lake Worth” section of the Post today lists “The 5 biggest stories of 2017” with these two topping the list: ‘Hurricane Irma Knocks Out Power’ and ‘Gang Killings Tied To MS-13’. Trailing behind those is worthy mention of the Lake Worth Street Painting Festival​ followed by an inexplicable mention of the post-hurricane aid, not administered nor funded by the City of Lake Worth, which was distributed in John Prince Park, not located in the City of Lake Worth. In fact, a resident of West Palm Beach, not the City of Lake Worth, who lost power supplied by FP&L and again, not the City of Lake Worth, is the person chosen to quote on this, one of the chosen biggest of Lake Worth’s news items for this year. [emphasis added]
     The final fifth ‘top story’ selection recounts recent actions by the City of Lake Worth to amend and improve the Historic Preservation policies. I find this selection to be both benign and bewildering but among those topics upon which Kevin and I might exchange a civil difference of opinion regarding it’s importance in light of the countless, unsung and woefully under-reported efforts of neighbors in Lake Worth caring for each other. I wish for Kevin D. Thompson and his family all the best of health and happiness.
     I wish for the Palm Beach Post to acquire a modicum of regard for our City that we who spend our lives and our livelihood here hold dear. And I wish everyone only good news in the New Year.

*ennui: noun. a feeling of utter weariness and discontent resulting from satiety or lack of interest; boredom.