Saturday, January 20, 2018

UPDATE: Was a correction issued today for false headline in yesterday’s paper?

The answer is, of course, no correction was published today.

“A local newspaper is really a public trust, part of the fabric of the whole community. . . . You know us. My face is on this column on this page, and I live in this community. Several of our reporters and editors grew up in Palm Beach County.”

Quote. Following news The Palm Beach Post was “up for sale” publisher Tim Burke published a commentary dated Nov. 4th, 2017 titled, “Mission of Post, Shiny Sheet will not change”.

Front page headline yesterday, Friday, January 19th:


Above was the banner headline on the front page above the fold on page A1, this directed readers to the  “LOCAL” section. On page B1, below the fold is another false headline:
When, or rather if one reads the news article by crime reporter Olivia Hitchcock one learns that this homicide did not occur in the Town of Lantana. This incident occurred outside the town in unincorporated Palm Beach County or what can also be referred to as suburban Lantana or unincorporated Lantana or any of several other ways.

Meanwhile, back in Lake Worth. . .

A correction and/or clarification needed to be published in this ‘paper of record’ for their readers — the accurate location of two cemeteries — both of which are the final resting place for many local veterans but no correction or even a clarification was forthcoming.

Here’ s what was published last month:

“The wreaths that were placed at Lake Worth National Cemetery last Saturday [Dec. 16th] were purchased and donated through the Wreaths Across America organization in Maine.”

There is no such place in Palm Beach County called the ‘Lake Worth National Cemetery’.

The South Florida National Cemetery is out west near the Everglades, nowhere near the City of Lake Worth.

Continue reading to learn more about the cemetery for veterans called the South Florida National Cemetery and the Pinecrest Cemetery — two very different places on different sides of Palm Beach County — both of which are the final resting places for many veterans.

Learn more about the Pinecrest Cemetery located
in the City of Lake Worth below.
And if you happened upon news about a ‘Lake Worth man’ and missing wreaths donated by Wreaths Across America to honor America’s veterans at the South Florida National Cemetery. . .

The South Florida National Cemetery is located west of the Florida Turnpike, south of Wellington, in what’s called suburban Lake Worth (the address is 6501 S. State Road 7).

About the cemetery located in the
City of Lake Worth.

The Pinecrest Cemetery is located at 1724 12th Ave. South, and for many local veterans, their final resting place.

For more information about our local cemetery contact the City’s Grounds and Cemetery Supervisor, Mr. Andy Halbling, call 561-586-1677 on Monday–Friday from 7:00–3:30 or send an email to: