Saturday, September 15, 2018

September 26th, 2016. ‘Sober Homes’.

Public demanded answers.
The electeds heard you.

Then a public meeting was called.

Let’s take a short stroll down memory lane. That night that shocked the press, news media, and County leaders too.

It was this public meeting held in the City of Lake Worth that really got the attention of everyone in the press and news media when they heard about what happened that September night in 2016. Why? Because later, after this meeting was scheduled by the City, it was learned the Trump/Clinton debate would be held on the very same evening. It was thought a lot of people would stay home. And it was a Monday night as well.

All the pundits and political ‘experts’ were wrong.

The public event scheduled at the Lake Worth Scottish Rite to address the high level of community concern about sober homes began at 6:00. The Trump/Clinton debate would begin at 8:00 and that news was front page news and the TV news leads everywhere, a complete saturation.

But at 5:30 or so the cars started to arrive. Then people began to arrive on bikes. There was a carpool or five and that huge hall was packed to overflowing. More crowded than most had ever seen it before. And the public kept coming. And coming. The Lake Worth Herald reporter was present. Reporter Peter Hayden from WLRN showed up and so did one from the Post. That was about it from the news media.

But it didn’t matter if the press or news media showed up anyway. Because the message from that night was heard loud and clear all throughout this City and Palm Beach County as well.

So. . . A question:

Did you leave that meeting last year thinking nothing
would ever change?

Your voice did matter. I was there that night.
It was a huge turnout by residents and business owners here in the City of Lake Worth.

To read more about that meeting, an account posted on this blog the very next day, click on this link.

Is the issue of crime, community stability, and protecting your neighborhood a high concern for you? Scroll back up and take another look at the photo.

Were you there?

There are many ways to solve problems like crime in our City. Lot’s of ways. Attend NAPC neighborhood meetings, organize your neighbors, or show up at a City Commission meeting and make public comment.

Or. . .

  • Contact PBSO’s Volunteer Headquarters: 561-433-2003; email:
  • Citizen Observer Patrol (COP).
  • Call the “Friends of the Volunteers” at 561-317-7624.

Use this link for more information.

Have you heard about the “Lake Worth Advocates”? Below is a message from Chip Guthrie, a City resident and business owner: 

“The Lake Worth Neighborhood Assoc. Presidents’ Council (NAPC) is sponsoring the Lake Worth Advocates and it has proven to be a very effective tool for businesses and residents to fight to reduce the blight of street walkers in our neighborhoods.
     If you’d like more information how you can be a part of the Lake Worth Advocate Group contact the NAPC by email at

Two more photographs from the
meeting at the Scottish Rite.

Assistant State Attorney Al Johnson
addressing the assembled crowd.

Lake Worth Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell:

It was Maxwell who invited Al Johnson to speak
and address this issue of high concern in
our City’s neighborhoods.

Make a big difference this year. Contact the NAPC and find out what you can do to help. Send an email to:

And become a volunteer for PBSO. How does one go about doing that? It’s easy. Just click on this link.

And spread the word about Crime Stoppers:

“No tip is too small.” Stay anonymous. No fear of retribution. And collect a reward.