Saturday, February 9, 2019

Public health and public safety in City of Lake Worth: Is code enforcement being too overbearing?

[PLEASE NOTE: Everyone who recently visited Lake Worth City Hall in opposition to efforts by the City’s Code Enforcement Dept. please be advised: The information below is “Worth Noting”.

For example, if you are from the PBC Tenants Union and you think “Operation Red Tag” is stupid and onerous, that the City is unfairly harassing slumlords, that PBSO with code enforcement is engaged in ‘illegal door-to-door sweeps’ then you and your affinity members and fellow travelers need to be outraged by the public notice below:

Hear Ye. Hear Ye All. Public Notice published in The Lake Worth Herald.

“A failure to pay said lien, even such lien upon homesteaded property, may result in a loss of title to your property.”

Sentence from public notice (see entire notice below). Issued by Village of Palm Springs. Dated January 17th, 2019.

“Question. Where exactly is
the Village of Palm Springs located?”

The Village of Palm Springs is located between the cities of Greenacres and Lake Worth Beach (north of the Great Walled City of Atlantis). Click on map:

Without further ado. . .


Attention Owners, Agents, Custodians, Lessees And Occupants Of Real Property Within The Village Of Palm Springs.

You are hereby notified that you are required by law to cut and prevent the excessive accumulation of weeds, underbrush, grass or other dead and living plant life upon your improved property; to remove any trash, waste, rubble, debris, refuse, abandoned appliance, or other nocuous matter or condition located on any property owned, controlled or occupied by you in the Village of Palm Springs; and that upon your failure to do so, the Village of Palm Springs will institute nuisance abatement proceedings against your property and cause such nuisance to be abated.

The cost of such abatement will constitute a special assessment lien against the property on which the nuisance is located. Such special assessment lien shall be co-equal with the lien of all state, county, district, and municipal taxes and superior in dignity to mortgages and all other liens, irrespective of the date of the recording of the municipal lien or the date of the recording of any mortgage or any other lien on real property. A failure to pay said lien, even such lien upon homesteaded property, may result in a loss of title to your property. [emphasis added]

Kimberly Wynn, Village Clerk, Village of Palm Springs, Florida.

To contact the Village Clerk in the Village of Palm Springs click on this link. For common FAQs use this link.