Friday, February 8, 2019

A question posed on this blog yesterday.

Do you support or oppose a brand new pool at Lake Worth Beach?

One candidate on the ballot this year is strongly opposed, Mr. Tom Copeland.

Remember, the question is not about “fixing” or trying to ‘SAVE THE POOL’, the condemned pool at the Beach (see image below). That former public pool cannot be ‘fixed’ or ‘saved’ despite what you may have been led to believe — it is way beyond repair — exactly why it was condemned in the first place.

And even attempting to repair that pool would in effect be constructing a brand new pool anyway. Not to mention the water bill each month to the Town of Palm Beach.*

The question becomes simply this: Do you support a brand new pool at the Lake Worth Beach?

“SAVE THE POOL” is called the false dilemma, a logical fallacy to confuse and manipulate the public.

A nice image being distributed around town
but the message is a false one.

The condemned pool at the Lake Worth Beach & Casino Complex cannot be saved. However, until it is demolished that former pool does serve an environmentally “Green” purpose.

Mr. Tom Copeland, a candidate for District 4, has a very strong opinion on the issue. Listen to Copeland’s argument below in a YouTube video.

Copeland is challenging Commissioner Herman C. Robinson. Election Day is on March 12th. Robinson seems to be leaning towards support for a new pool at the Lake Worth Beach.

If you follow this blog you know Yours Truly is absolutely opposed to a new pool at the Beach but do support a water feature of some kind such as a cabana pool or water play area for children. And on taking so much public funding to construct a brand new pool at the Beach District 2 Commissioner Omari Hardy was even more blunt. He said that would, [T]hreaten our ability to provide services to people who really need them.”

For example. . .

A community pool or small-scale pools west of Dixie Hwy. to teach children how to swim. A very real public safety issue for families that cannot afford the parking rates and entry into a pool at the Beach. For a family of four, two adults and two school-aged children (based on rates when the former pool was open), that would be $18/visit, each and every visit to the pool. A hefty expense for most families.

Due to proceeds from the County’s ¢1 sales tax increase that passed in Nov. 2016 a large aquatic complex will be constructed by the County just a short drive from Lake Worth City Hall. For that reason as well I oppose constructing a new pool at the Beach duplicating work by the County. And this future County pool will have FREE parking as well. Parking at the Lake Worth Beach is $3/hr.

However, the pool is only one issue of many and remain strongly is support of Robinson’s re-election.

So, as to the question, you decide. . .

In the video below Copeland “[D]iscusses the challenges and opportunities at the Casino & Beach Complex, and specifically why he is taking a hard position against re-building a new pool on the beach.”

After listening to Copeland’s argument scroll back up and click on this link to learn about a very rare thing that Copeland did this week.

Making the case. . .

*The millions of gallons of water over all these many years to fill a pool at the Lake Worth Casino & Beach Complex comes from the West Palm Beach water supply and delivered through pipes in the Town of Palm Beach, a customer of West Palm Beach Water Utility. So technically the bill for that water comes from the City of West Palm Beach which does not actually have a beach.

So if you are environmentally-conscious you may find this process objectionable. That water from the Grassy Waters Preserve in West Palm is treated and then delivered to the Lake Worth Casino where the chemically-treated water then evaporates, leaks or spills into the environment. One can say this process is not a sustainable one in the long run if the future of Planet Earth is of utmost importance to you.