Monday, November 5, 2018

Snowbirds, hope you’re settling in for another wonderful Season!


Below are images, following the heading “NSFW/NSFC”, that some might find disturbing and objectionable. However, what others may find disturbing and objectionable is how rudely and quite un-charming some people can be to our treasured Snowbirds in South Florida. For example, discovering ones favorite parking spot has been taken up by a Volvo with a Canadian license plate is no reason “to lose ones cookies” so to speak. Just stay calm and find another spot.

NSFW  =  Not Safe For Work; NSFC  =  Not Safe For Children.

Without further ado, always keep in mind. . .

“It’s the ‘Snowbird Effect’ that keeps Florida going.”

It is once again time for those annual obligatory musings to begin about “inconveniences” created by Snowbirds from the media and press, pundits, self-described satirists, and malcontents in general.

To our Annual Migration of Snowbirds:

Know that you have a lot of friends here in Palm Beach County and in communities such as the City of Lake Worth who truly appreciate what you contribute! We’re looking forward to seeing you once again for the upcoming 2018–2019 Fall/Winter Season.

Before long, you know, it will begin snowing!

Meet Mr. Jorge Pesquera, President/CEO of
Discover The Palm Beaches:

Let’s examine a letter written by a proud Snowbird.

This was a classic Letter to the Editor that appeared in The Palm Beach Post in May 2015, presumably on the way back home up north. The letter takes on those that don’t particularly like the Snowbirds or question their contribution to our South Florida economy:

I’m tired of hearing “Thank goodness, the snowbirds have gone home.” Think about it, people in Florida. We snowbirds own property, here in Florida. We pay taxes. We frequent the restaurants and venues that you “Floridians” enjoy all year around.
     If it wasn’t for the snowbirds coming down, your lifestyle would be different.
     We also help to pay for the upkeep of parks, schools and beaches; and do volunteer work. Some of you seem to forget that while there may be a wait during “the season,” the influx of money coming into our area is what keeps things going year-round.
     If the snowbirds did not fly south each winter, and if businesses didn’t have this income, your favorite place would not survive on your patronage. It’s the “Snowbird Effect” that keeps Florida going.
      Appreciate that when we are gone, you have a chance to enjoy what a lot of us snowbirds contribute to and keep going — all year long.

Then there’s a few like The Obtuse Blogger (TOB) who live in cities like Lake Worth year-round in one of those communities west of I-95 that just happens to be a very convenient nesting place for Snowbirds.

Disturbing and objectionable images follow.

If you wish not to object or be disturbed please scroll down to the blog post following this one. The countdown begins.





You’ve been warned.

TOB is not exactly a big fan of Snowbirds:

Here TOB is unhappy “snowbirds” can purchase decals for parking at the Lake Worth Beach
and Casino Complex.

It's anyone’s guess what is fueling the anger here. Maybe somebody parked in “her spot”.

Don’t be deterred Snowbirds. The vast majority of us in South Florida welcome you and appreciate what you add to our communities. Hope to see you soon!