Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Explained. City of Lake Worth Tweet last night: A glitch. No reason for Kujansivu Alina to be concerned at the moment.

UPDATE: Concerning the Tweet below, from a trusted source have learned the issue of “image orientation”, shall we say, is a technological glitch and is being worked out. So there is no need at the moment for assistance from Lappeenranta, Finland. But stay tuned our Finnish friends. We may need your help a little later with “mechanical manipulation” of smartphones and other devices.

Who is Kujansivu Alina? Find out below.

If you didn’t know, the City Commission will be eliminating the Sister City Board tonight and I am keeping our good friends (and former Sister City), Lappeenranta, Finland apprised of the situation and to let them know there are plans afoot to fix all this.

Did you see the City of Lake Worth Tweet last night from the Food Truck Invasion?

I retweeted it to Kujansivu Alina, Director of Communications for the City of Lappeenranta:

Notice the “image orientation” glitch.
Click on image to enlarge:
Why is having a Sister City important? Use this link to have Mr. Greg Rice explain. Besides Lappeenranta have you ever heard of Darwin, Australia? Santa Cruz del Quiché in Guatemala?