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The important role of sister cities and from Mr. Greg Rice: A “Good idea?”

UPDATE (well, sort of): No big surprise the City Commission at next Tuesday’s meeting will “sunset” or retire, the Sister City Board and the Recreation Board too. Neither board has had a quorum in a very long time. And remember, don’t trust everything you read on the City of Lake Worth’s Wikipedia page:

As per Wikipedia, our City DOES NOT share Sister City status with these cities:

  • Lappeenranta, Finland
  • Saint-Marc, Haiti
  • Southend-on-Sea, England
  • Sopot, Poland
Use the City’s Wikipedia page as a tool to do more research. If you will, it’s a good jumping off place. For example, did you know our City was named after General William Jenkins Worth (1794–1849), a decorated U.S. military officer during the War of 1812, Second Seminole War, and Mexican-American War? That is very true.

Now back to the importance of sister cities and Mr. Rice’s idea.

[Take note, City of Lake Worth. At some point, our Finnish friends and neighbors are going to get tired of waiting for you to begin taking this seriously.]

Other cities nearby aren’t waiting. News from last December by Post reporter Alexandra Seltzer:

BOYNTON BEACH — Boynton Beach residents: You have a new sister, and her name is Rauma. City officials this week agreed to becoming Sister Cities with Rauma, Finland.

and. . .

     There are about 26,000 Finnish residents of Florida, and between 10,000 and 12,000 in Palm Beach County, Makila [Honorary Consulate of Finland Peter Makila] said. Traditionally, the Finnish residents have lived in Lantana and Lake Worth, but Makila said there has been a recent shift south of there.

Our Finnish friends and neighbors are already abandoning the City of Lake Worth; heading further south.

Can anyone please explain why the City of Lake Worth doesn’t have a Sister City in Finland?
Post reporter Michael Readling penned a feature article about this festival organized by our friends in the local Finnish-American community last March.

Mr. Greg Rice has an idea for a Sister City:

“Wes Blackman has posted on his well-read blog the importance of a sister city board. It seems that the genesis of sister city boards goes back to President Eisenhower. It was Eisenhower’s hope that sister city boards could be a hub of peace and prosperity between people from different cities around the world.
     Well, if we ever are able to find the leadership and will to resurrect our struggling sister city board, here’s a city I believe we need to approach, Darwin, Australia. Seems we have a lot in common.
     They, Darwin, share the same fun-loving spirit, community pride and competitive nature as us. Last Sunday, July 9th, they held their 2017 Darwin Lions Beer Can Regatta.
     It would be great to maybe field a team down the road and send them down under to Darwin and show how we share so many things with that fun-loving city.
     Good idea?”

By the way, Darwin has a downtown with a lot of hotels:

That took a lot of leadership. Maybe Darwin’s political establishment can offer the City of Lake Worth some fresh new ideas? Anyhow. . .

Darwin, like the City of Lake Worth, enjoys hosting a lot of festivals. From Wikipedia, an excerpt:

     The Darwin beer-can regatta celebrates Darwin’s love affair with beer and contestants race boats made exclusively of beer cans. Also in Darwin are the Darwin Cup horse race, and the Rodeo and Mud Crab Tying Competition. [huh?]
     The World Solar Challenge race attracts teams from around the world, most of which are fielded by universities or corporations although some are fielded by high schools. The race has a 20-year history spanning nine races, with the inaugural event taking place in 1987.

Whilst on the subject, a sister city in Guatemala?

     “We’re going to see cultural, commercial, economic affairs — in order to have a more intense and big link with Palm Beach County,” said De Mora [Miami Consul General Rosa Maria Merida De Mora].
     Lake Worth is the first of four new Guatemalan Consulates in the U.S. The others are opening in Seattle, Oklahoma City, and Raleigh, North Carolina.

This November will be the 2nd Annual Día De Los Muertos or “Day of the Dead” celebration.
By the way, the Town of Jupiter has a sister city in Guatemala. Use this link to read the article by Post reporter Bill DiPaolo.

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