Saturday, August 12, 2017

Blueway Trail project and two meetings this week: Check back through the month of August for more information.

Please note, this is very important:

The Blueway Trail project is in the “Design” phase, NOT the “Operational” phase.

Questions such as these below will be addressed later as the project pivots to operations:
If for some reason you remain troubled please use this link to have your questions answered about the Blueway Trail. As always, Thank You for visiting today.

Stay tuned. There will be video of yesterday’s presentation at SFWMD as well.
For the news by WPTV reporter Alanna Quillen and more about this meeting yesterday at the South Florida Water Management District use this link.

View of meeting at SFWMD:
Use this link to learn more about the C-51 Advisory Committee (CAC) meeting in the City of Lake Worth last Wednesday.