Sunday, July 2, 2017

The threat: Marauding bands of pirates, looters, and “bad people” from Lake Clarke Shores.

Ever been to Spillway Park in the City of Lake Worth? Take Maryland Drive off Federal Hwy. and the park is at the end of the street.
The latest threat: pirates and hoards of looters from Lake Clarke Shores using the C-51 Canal to maraud neighborhoods in Lake Worth when boats bypass the Spillway.

Below is a not-so-subtle observation by Pelican Pete, a bird with an attitude at the Lake Worth Herald, referring to the Blueway Trail at the S-155 Spillway on the C-51 Canal between the cities of Lake Worth and West Palm Beach:

What are all the people doing at the spillway? I know. . . they’re measuring for new “Blueway”. . .

You know, the one Mayor Shalhoub has worked so hard to get for his community. . .

. . . and the one star on the east side of the locks says she doesn’t want. . . All those bad people will be on the water now. . . You know, all those that live in Lake Clarke Shores. . . sometimes people fight the good just to fight.

Guess who was a very early proponent of water access bypassing the Spillway? That would be none other than former Lake Worth City Commissioner Suzanne Mulvehill. Would she be considered a “visionary” now?

“Come on Lake Worth”. The image below is from the inimitable former blogger-extraordinaire, Tom McGow.
The Blueway Trail is a “game-changer” not only for our City but for the entire region as well. Have you heard a rumor about the Blueway Trail? To get the facts use this link.

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