Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Weekly Progress Report, Gulfstream Hotel, Lake Worth, Florida.

Week ending Sunday,
July 30th, 2017.

Once again, there is no progress to report. However, you may be interested in the timeline below and some quotes, e.g., “I do not believe anything Hudson Holdings says”.

Remember, Hudson Holdings* purchased the Gulfstream Hotel in May 2014. From an article published in The Palm Beach Post shortly afterward:

It’s not yet clear what Hudson paid for the Gulfstream, or what it plans to do with it. But it seems as if Hudson is looking to bring in additional investors to redevelop the property, which it calls a “history landmark redevelopment hotel project” on its website.

NBC5/WPTV news segment dated May 14th, 2017:

Remember this ‘news’ from 3½ months ago?

“Our plans are to rehabilitate this hotel [and] bring it back to its historic significance in the public areas, the lobby, corridors etc.,” said Steven Michael, principal of developer Hudson Holdings during a tour Friday. “We’ll do a complete rehabilitation of the whole building from top to bottom.”
Quote from this article in the Sun Sentinel datelined April 14th, 2017.

Remember. Hudson Holdings purchased the Gulfstream Hotel in May 2014. The hotel sat shuttered on July 4th that year and then every July 4th since from 2015–2017.

Were you in Downtown Lake Worth last July 4th for all the festivities? Do you remember seeing any vibrancy going on at the Gulfstream Hotel? Use this link for a video from that day.

From January 22nd, 2017:

“ This [hotel renovation] is something that would lead to more vibrancy [emphasis added] and investment in the city,’ Steven Michaels, Hudson Holdings co-founder, told The Palm Beach Post.”

And another quote from the same article. . .
“I do not believe anything Hudson Holdings says,” one resident posted on the Facebook page Lake Worth Local. “Look at how they let the property deteriorate.”

Another line from the article. . .
In the eyes of many, Hudson Holdings has little — if any — credibility left.

How the historic Gulfstream Hotel looked just last week:

Title of Hudson Holdingspress release: “National Historic Real Estate Property Developer, Commences Historic Gulfstream Hotel Project”.

*For more information and to contact Hudson Holdings:

  • Use this link to contact the company spokesperson with your questions and/or concerns.
  • Address: 20 S. Swinton Ave., Delray Beach, FL 33444
  • Email: info@hudsonholdings.com
  • 561-768-7621
  • Use the Gulfstream Hotel’s Facebook page.