Tuesday, June 13, 2017

“Please join us for City of Lake Worth’s Star Spangled Band Showcase.” ☝

For more information contact Lauren Bennett, the City of Lake Worth’s Special Events Manager, at 561-533-7395; email: Lbennett@lakeworth.org
How is your raft coming along for the July 4th Great American Raft Race? To learn more about the race use this link.

Here’s the news from Lauren Bennett:

“Please join us for the City of Lake Worth’s Star Spangled Band Showcase on Monday, July 3, from 5:00–10:00. Enjoy live entertainment from the bands Sunny South, Rogue Theory and Jahzilla. The winner of the showcase will win a performance slot in our 4th of July Celebration line up!”

For general information and media inquiries contact the City’s Communications Specialist, Ben Kerr, at 561-586-1631; email: bkerr@lakeworth.org