Saturday, June 17, 2017

Are you a new (or recently new) resident to the little City of Lake Worth? The City’s Annual Raft Race explained:

The editor at The Lake Worth Herald — from an editorial in 2015 — explains all this wonderful, spectacular and complete nonsense: the Annual July 4th Raft Race. . .
. . . and what of that City ‘spirit’ west of I-95 two years ago?

Of course, everybody wants to win and play by the rules. The only problem with the rules is the simple fact there are none. Well, there really are, there is the rule about not using store bought marine vessels, or having motors, you know, rules that make a raft a homemade raft. Other than that, it’s pretty much wide open for interpretation and creativity.
     The vast majority of the neighborhood associations enter rafts in the race, giving neighbors the opportunity to work together to build their entry and get to know each other better.

and. . .

     Through the years, there have been pranks pulled on groups by other groups in attempts to derail well laid plans. All in good fun.
     Winning the race is highly coveted, after all, it gives bragging rights to the victor for a whole year.
     Some of the best shows from the raft race happen after the race, when teams will complain and protest actions of another team. Yes, there will actually be protests, based on rules that do not exist. These protests will be heard and immediately be discarded, as they should. This is all for fun, there is nothing but bragging rights waiting at the finish line and there is no reason to get hot under the collar because someone got one over on you.

and. . .

     There are some in town who think it is all nonsense and, well, it is. Isn’t it great Lake Worth residents, usually pitted in ugly political nonsense can take time to enjoy life, even if just for one day. It is a shame that every neighborhood association can’t find the spirit to participate in one of the best days of the year in Lake Worth.

So. The point?
There will always be the “Negative Nellies”. There will always be those who will complain. Ignore them and focus on building your raft! The Kick-off “Captain’s Party” is on June 25th.

Have you picked your captain yet?