Friday, June 16, 2017

The Schedules Are Below! 16th Annual Great American Raft Race on July 4th in the little City of Lake Worth!

UNDER THE BIG TOP: The Greatest Raft Race on Earth!

At the boat ramps in Bryant Park on July 4th.
Schedule for the Raft Race on July 4th: Parade begins at 11:30 (begin lining up at 10:00 on North ‘J’ Street). Race begins at 1:00. And remember the one primary rule: there are no rules!

The Pre-Race schedule of events, beginning on Sunday, June 25th, is below.

Please Note. Starting today, it’s very important to monitor local press reporters and the media leading up to the Raft Race this year (The Lake Worth Herald is exempt and can be trusted completely).

It was ‘reporters’ at The Palm Beach Post and other local media outlets who acted irresponsibly and misreported about that “blue-green algae” nonsense last July and forced City officials to cancel the Raft Race.


But it was cancelled because the media created all that hysteria and public confusion leading up to July 4th last year (use this link to read about that).

Remember images like this that were circulated by the media to frighten the public here in our City?
Remember this false ‘news’ report in The Palm Beach Post, about “blue-green algae plaguing” our City? Plaguing? Really?

And remember that outrageously dumb ‘news’ segment on CBS12/WPEC last year, “Is the algae toxic in Lake Worth?” No. It wasn’t.

Be very careful what you say to reporters and be very skeptical of any ‘press releases’ that are not official news from the City of Lake Worth. If a reporter asks leading questions like “Do you feel safe going into the water?”, “Can you smell that? Do you think that water is safe?”, or you think the reporter is just trying to stir up trouble, report it to the City immediately.

Get the reporters contact information (e.g., name, business card, phone number) and get that information to the City’s Communications Specialist, Ben Kerr: 561-586-1631; email:

Now, without further ado. . .

Pre-Race activity line-up (stay tuned for exact start times):

  • Kick-off “Captain’s Party” at Blue Front BBQ: Sunday, June 25th.
  • Celebrity Bartenders at the Mad Hatter: June 26th.
  • “Trophy Recap” at Suri Tapas: June 27th.
  • A special treat at C.W.S. Bar + Kitchen: June 28th.
  • “Ocean Front Fun” at Benny’s on the Beach: June 29th.
  • The “Presidents’ Cup Kayak Race” on the Intracoastal at The Beach Club (the City’s municipal golf course): June 30th.
  • Pre-Race festivities conclude at Callaro’s Steak House on Saturday, July 1st.
And keep your eyes out for Flolfie too. If you see Flolfie say, “Don’t act stupid again like the press and media did last year!”

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