Saturday, April 22, 2017

Would you like to organize a “Cottages of Lake Worth” presentation for your local organization or a group of neighbors?

Below is a short and gracious letter received from the Director of the Lantana Public Library. The letter was sent to me but as always, as noted in the letter, it was another group effort.

The Lantana Public Library, “A place for serious readers”, is located at 205 West Ocean Ave., 561-540-5740. Use this link for the hours, resources, and more information.
It was a splendid group of people who showed up for “The Cottagespresentation at the Lantana Library. Would highly recommend this venue for anyone to talk about a subject of interest.

It’s important to understand this presentation is not just about selling more books. But. . . it is nice when it happens. Pretty soon though there won’t be any more books left until the second printing arrives here in the City of Lake Worth at a future date still uncertain.

Thus far presentations have been the full length of 40–45 minutes with a Q&A following (e.g., as the one held at the Boynton Beach Historical Society), another was an interview on the BBC, and still others were very short, just focused narrowly on one topic. A presentation can be just 5 or 10 minutes and very informal.

For example, in the next few weeks or so will be giving short presentations to neighborhood groups in the City and will let you know when and where. These will be short but hopefully interesting for those in attendance. Every part of the City is different and special in its own way. Just a few of the myriad of topics:
  • What’s so special about the historic cottages in Lake Worth?
  • How did lot sizes come to be platted?
  • What effect did I-95 have on this City? And what is so unique about our two exits off this Interstate roadway?
  • Why is the Allied Africa campaign in WWII so significant in our history here in South Florida?
I’ll leave it up to you to see if there’s interest within your group or organization. If there is then contact me and we’ll go from there:

You’ll need a computer and projector with screen or a large flat-screen TV with HDMI for a small group, a room ideally made dark enough for everyone to see the slides and, I hope, a lot of question to follow as well.

And lastly, try to schedule a time and go visit our Lake Worth Historical Museum to learn more about our City’s unique history:
  • City Hall Annex Building, 414 Lake Ave., on the 2nd floor.
  • 561-533-7354
  • Hours: Wednesday and Friday from 1:00–4:00.
  • Tours by appointment.