Friday, March 31, 2017

Thank You everyone at the Lantana Public Library last night.

Some time stop by and check out the Lantana Public Library, “A place for serious readers”. The library is located at 205 West Ocean Ave., 561-540-5740. Use this link for the hours, resources, and much more information.

Yours Truly last night. Click on image to enlarge:
 A nicely framed photo taken by “The Cottages” photographer, Taylor Jones.

The Lantana Library graciously invited me to give a “Cottages of Lake Worth” presentation and even provided hors d´oeuvres (a word with a long interesting history) and drinks for everyone who showed up. It was a very nice crowd and all the seats were taken, 30+ people showed up including Town Councilor Malcolm Balfour. A couple library users walked in and got a little more than they expected and stayed for the presentation as well.

Eleven or twelve more “Cottages of Lake Worth” hardcover books were sold. Time is running out to purchase one but the good news is more books will be coming in the future. When? Don’t as yet know the answer; it’s in the hands of the publisher right now.

The questions at the end were excellent and let’s just say a few interesting topics were brought up like what’s happening, or rather not happening, to the Gulfstream Hotel. The topic is of much interest outside the City of Lake Worth as well. I’ll leave it at that.

Everyone at the library including Sid, the head librarian, did an excellent job setting up the audio-visuals, screen, chairs, and all the other things that go along with an event such as this. If you’re looking for a place to do a presentation on a topic of interest to you, the Lantana Library is a very good option. The library did a very good job of promoting “The Cottages” presentation as well.

To watch one of these presentations, like the one recently with the BBC, use this link.

Thank You all for showing up last night. It was my pleasure and I’m very happy with the event and so is everyone else who has worked so hard all this time for “The Cottages of Lake Worth” organization. Especially so of Janice Snearer (the “Cottages” book coordinator, one title), who was thankfully present once again to make sure, politely with grace and charm, everything happened on time and the right way.

Lastly, for all you Facebook users, this is the link to “The Cottages” page.