Monday, March 27, 2017

The “New Lake Worth” City Commission and a lesson from basketball.

And there’s a bonus video below.

Those who fought so hard to defeat Commissioner Herman Robinson and Commissioner Omari Hardy have the easy job now. Why? Because they’re like the ones at a basketball game, during a free throw, behind the basket in the seats waving colorful rags, hooting and howling, and being annoying just in general.

But the City Commission, staff, and administration leadership have to concentrate and keep the “ball rolling” (errr, I mean “dribbling”) down the court and only “foul” the critics “in the lane” when they absolutely have to — keep them outside throwing 3-pointers all day long — and grab all the rebounds.

And that’s where you come in. When the City, mayor, commissioners, staff, et al., takes a beating in the press, and they will, call or send a message and give them encouragement. And when it looks like they’re “taking their eyes off the ball”, call them and raise all kinds of hell.

Going forward all kinds of tactics will be used to try and derail and distract this City Commission, but. . .
“More close games are won and lost at the foul line than with any other skill area in the game of basketball.”
So, if you support the Commission and their goals going forward, “keep your head in the game” as well.

“Heel or Hero? Which role will YOU play?”