Sunday, February 26, 2017

Politics Schmolitics! Kick back some time today and watch Yours Truly on the BBC.

Hope you enjoy the video below. Many thanks to the host and staff at Briny Breezes Channel 8 (BBC) for the invitation. Besides being an honor to be invited it was a lot of fun as well.

A few days after my appearance on the BBC received the most wonderful gift. A book about the history of Briny Breezes called “Looking Back in Time” by Dorothy Mann McNeice, published in March 2012 with the help of Valerie McNeice. The historical images in the book are spectacular.

That’s right. Wes Blackman was a guest on the BBC. Host Nancy Greenblatt interviewed me about “The Cottages” Home Tour last Sunday and “The Cottages of Lake Worth” hardcover book which is selling fast.

Would you like to pick up a book? Here are some convenient options:
  • Pick one up at the City’s newsstand located at 600 Lake Ave. in the Downtown.
  • At Awe Flowers around the corner at 5 North ‘L’ Street.
  • The Cultural Council of Palm Beach County located at 601 Lake Ave. (closed Sunday and Monday)
  • Or. . . go online.
And a Special Thank You to Mayor Pam Triolo for the shout-out about “The Cottages of Lake Worth” at the State of the City Address on January 31st at the Casino:

“There is also confidence in our housing stock and the efforts by our citizen initiated groups like the Cottages of Lake Worth reflects that trend. The unique small cottages that are concentrated in our City are an asset and an integral part of our identity. Their renovation and refurbishment is adding value and strengthening our neighborhoods. I want to recognize the Cottages folks here tonight. Thank you, you have helped us believe in ourselves and given us reason to believe we are in a new and exciting time of our history.”