Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Interfaith discussion tomorrow: Everyone of all faiths, or no faith, is invited to attend.

Everyone is invited to attend the Masjid Al Tawad of Florida Mosque on Wednesday, March 22nd from 7:00–9:00, located at 6240 S. Congress Ave. in suburban Lake Worth. For more information call 561-469-1453; email: tawadfl@gmail.com

Here is the program:
  • Public event; everyone is welcome.
  • Slideshow on peace work of Abrahamic Reunion in the Holy Land.
  • Presentations by local Jewish, Christian and Muslim faith leaders.
Last year individuals and families of the Muslim faith were invited to a City Commission meeting and soon thereafter were insulted and disparaged. If you’re a resident of the City of Lake Worth, and you plan on attending, make sure to let everyone know we’re better than this:

Do you think this “content is thought provoking”?

There was a time when people said Japanese-Americans and Irish Catholics would, “. . . destroy us from within”. History proved them wrong.