Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Worth another look. . . True Islam vs. extremists: "Elephant in the room" at City Commission meeting on July 19th

Opportunists here in Lake Worth will take any news about Muslim's and stir the pot, "to agitate a situation to cause a reaction or trouble." Would you expect any less? What do you do? See the situation for what it really is: Law enforcement doing their job and. . .
. . . it was probably someone in the Muslim community who provided the tip.
Do I know this? No. But what do those who are trying to 'stir the pot' know? Exactly. Read the following blog post from last Wednesday:

At Lake Worth's Quaker Meetinghouse (823 North 'A' Street) on June 2nd was a meeting about True Islam that Prophet Muhammad taught and how that message has been distorted by extremists. Below is a Tweet I used to help promote the event on this blog:
Below you'll read about the "elephant in the room" at a City Commission meeting on July 19th. A proclamation was unanimously approved to support our Muslim neighbors in Lake Worth and many got up to speak at public comment that followed. I'll have video of that later on so please check back. It was very inspiring to watch. What was said and the feeling in the room was undeniably upbeat and positive but. . .

Is this what Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren was referring to, an example from The Obtuse Blogger (TOB)?:
'Thought' provoking? And "after much study. . ." We're better than this, right?
There are many people in Lake Worth with Irish surnames. If you know American history many of the Irish were once second-class citizens, indentured servants, mistrusted, and despised. . . just because they were Catholic.


Anonymous said...

USA is under assault. At war. We aren’t fighting another nation-state so a declaration of war in traditional sense is impossible. The mistakes of history can’t be repeated like what we did to the Japanese and Germans in WWII. Most Muslims here are ambassadors for peace. Yes there are sleeper cells and lone wolfs within the Muslim community. It’s the job of the Muslims, government and law enforcement to deal with that. And you know there are KKK sleepers ready to do the same to Blacks. Picking out one group for public scorn is so-16th Century and just plain stupid too.

Anonymous said...

And it's exactly like the hateful
rhetoric that TOB promotes in her awful blog. So sad to have these very destructive people like Lynn Anderson and Katie McGiveron constantly puking in their black witches cauldron and stirring up their favorite brew of right wing extremism, xenophobia, and homophobia. I wonder why these two malcontents aren't in Cleveland for the love fest of the Donald's coronation as the Republician candidate? My guess is they weren't invited!!!

We all know they are very low on the food chain and given the plagiarism schemes the Trumps have a tendency for, I guess they didn't want TOB around with her tendency to 'cut and paste' while posing as the author... She is not that bright or gifted to create original though and constantly resorts to lifting material, and presenting it as her own.

I'm sure the RNC doesn't need another couple of angry, delusional, and grumpy old white people to join their not so happy, lack luster, non-enthusiastic party in Cleveland.

WAKE UP AMERICA! Backing Donald Trump is our surest path to WAR!!! Just this week, he yet again calls for a war against ISIL, but he doesn't get it that ISIL is not running around in uniforms and marching in formation, his answer is putting 50,000 American boots on the ground... NO!!! Only a fool or an ignoramus would believe that could be effective. Doing so will just increase the number of discontented young Muslim men and offers no real solution or path out of the quagmire that region of the world finds itself in.