Tuesday, February 28, 2017

What to do if your political yard sign was stolen or vandalized.

Stealing and vandalizing political yard signs in the dark of night is someone who is infringing on your right to Free Speech:

In March 2015, these two were spotted stealing political signs around the Lucerne building in Downtown Lake Worth. If your sign was stolen or vandalized:

Call the PBSO non-emergency number and report it: 561-688-3400. Whoever stole your political sign trespassed on your property and is disrespecting your right to Free Speech. Contact the campaign you are supporting and request another sign.

Other tactics the Anarchists use is bolt cutters to cut one of the metal supports to make the sign dangle awkwardly. That also forces the targeted campaign to order more stakes. Curiously, the Anarchists are the ones who always say “listen to the people” but they’re the ones out stealing other “people’s” right to Free Speech? Ironic, isn’t it?

Also note their various methods anchoring the sign to the stake demonstrates the value they place on their own preferred signs (made of #5 plastic non-recyclable chloroplast). Commissioner Ryan Maier went the extra step last year:

Maier affixed his political sign supporting the Anarchist Ryan Hartman on the inside of his shop windows leading up to the March elections in 2016.