Monday, November 7, 2016

Sobering. The election results from the August 2014 “LW2020” bond referendum to fix the roads and potholes.

Below is a quick analysis that was done of the election results back on August 26th, 2014. If you recall, that bond vote to fix our roads and potholes lost by just 25 votes and that’s significant. Why? Continue reading.

What I would like you to focus on is the southern part of Lake Worth, precincts 7160, 7162, and 3078. What happened on each side of I-95 is startling in comparison, especially knowing the terrible condition of the roads east of I-95 in District 1. Road conditions that have only gotten worse since August 2014 and will continue to deteriorate.

Click on image to enlarge:
Note the dismal voter turnout east of I-95 and south of 6th Ave. South (the red 2 on the map). The first number is votes "FOR" the 2014 LW2020 bond.

Just by accident found this map and was shocked again just like I was when seeing these numbers for the first time over 2 years ago. Not so much by the dismal turnout City-wide but specifically by the low voter turnout east of I-95 and south of 6th Ave. South. Note the totals when compared with precinct 3078 which is west of I-95:
  • 3078: Votes AGAINST the bond in 2014, 202
  • 7160: Votes FOR the bond, 92
  • 7162: Votes FOR, 81
The difference? Twenty-nine (29) more votes AGAINST the bond from west of I-95 in precinct 3078. Remember, the 2014 bond vote lost by just 25 votes. Twenty-five.

Anecdotally back then heard reports of voters being turned away at the polls in precincts 7160 and 7162 for various reasons. Many were also directed to the wrong polling location which caused quite a bit of frustration. Some ended up returning to their original precinct to vote, the correct one to begin with. Of course, that’s the voters who bothered to go through all the trouble.

Here are the polling locations for precincts 7160 and 7162 next Tuesday, open 7:00 am–7:00 pm, from the Supervisor of Elections website:

7160: St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church, 928 South ‘E’ Street. The church is located on the east side of South ‘E’ Street between 9th and 10th Ave. South. For voting use the south parking lot. Look for the ramp that leads to the Fellowship Hall.
7162: Osborne Community Center, 1699 Wingfield Street. The Osborne Community Center is located on the west side of Wingfield Street, just under ½ mile south of 12th Ave. South, or just south of the Lake Worth Municipal Gym. The polling entrance is on the south side of 12th Ave. South just west of the railroad tracks.

Now for the 151 voters in precincts 7160 and 7162 who voted against the bond back in 2014. Since then the critics of that bond who may have convinced you to vote “No” never bothered to come up with their own plan since. They’ve had over 2 years to come up with one.

Something to think about tomorrow.