Friday, July 8, 2016

Panel Discussion: The future of newspapers

This news item appeared on page B4, above the fold, in the July 8th (Thursday's) print edition of The Palm Beach Post:

     "The public is consuming more news than ever. Can newspapers deliver it how they want it and where they want it?
     After nearly a decade of disruption, what does the future of newspapers look like?
Join our panel of local newspaper executives to hear their answers and more about their vision for the Fourth Estate.
     The Chamber Breakfast will be held on July 13th from 7:45 to 9 a.m. at the Palm Beach County Convention Center."

To register use this link. The moderator is Dean Ridings, President & CEO of the Florida Press Association. The panel:
  • Bob Brunjes: President and Publisher, Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers
  • Tim Burke: Publisher, The Palm Beach Post and Palm Beach Daily News
  • Mindy Marques: Vice President and Executive Director, Miami Herald
  • Howard Saltz: Publisher and Editor, Sun-Sentinel
Below are some ideas from this blog for discussion and/or questions for the panel:
  • How would you respond to Jennifer Brandel: "Two particular questions have been haunting newsrooms’ strategy conversations, causing severe moral dilemmas and destabilizing the industry."
  • Do tactics like loaded language undermine a newspaper's credibility?
  • How should a newspaper respond to a spike in homicides when the victims are mostly Black males?
  • What guides the decision-making on which cities are important and which ones are not?
  • Should a newspaper try to manipulate the political process or stay above the fray?
  • How should a newspaper properly respond and inform its readership about Lake Okeechobee water releases?
Should make for an interesting panel discussion on "The future of newspapers".