Sunday, June 26, 2016

"Homeless man accused of stabbing couple on West Palm-Lake Worth border"

[UPDATE: The blog post below from Friday (6/24) included a short test and the answer, or non-answer if you will, is at the end. As always, Thank You for visiting.]

Nowhere in this article by reporters Gregory Cox and Kevin Thompson at The Palm Beach Post is the actual entity responsible for managing the C-51 land/waterway mentioned. Below is a test you can take to see how informed you are.

First, there is a major factual reporting error in the article:
Lake Worth, in an attempt to do the same in its downtown, created curfews [emphasis added] for downtown and even resorted to playing classical music in its parks to try and deter people from staying overnight.
There were never curfews employed in Lake Worth. Use this link to get the facts about classical music in the City's Cultural Plaza.
The definition of the word "curfew" as understood by most in the English-speaking world.
However, there was a new ordinance created in the City of Lake Worth. The word 'curfew' is an example of loaded language which reporters should always avoid.

Another excerpt from the article:

     For the past year, Tyler Husky and his girlfriend have lived under the bridge on Dixie Highway over the C-51 canal, directly on the line that divides West Palm Beach and Lake Worth — cities that are trying to clean up their homeless population. 

Now for the test: What entity is responsible for this area between the cities of West Palm Beach and Lake Worth? Is it:
  1. Lake Worth?
  2. West Palm Beach?
  3. Palm Beach County?
  4. City of West Lake Worth?
  5. South Florida Water Management District?
  6. State of Florida?
  7. The United Nations?
  8. The FEC Railroad?
  9. Other
Pause here if you wish to ponder the question:
Well. The correct answer if you need emergency assistance is "none of the above". Call 911 and don't fret about which side of the waterway you're on. If Lake Worth District 14 PBSO and West Palm Police both show up that's just fine.

We can all understand now why the reporters tip-toed around whose responsibility this 'homeless camp' is. They don't know the answer either. The question of what entity is responsible for the area between Lake Worth and West Palm Beach is quite complicated. If you chose #1, #2, #3, #5, #6 and #9 you are partially correct—to some degree. And there's another entity too not in the test: FDOT. Dixie Hwy is a state road. Hmmm.

There is a second 'homeless camp' under and along the FEC railroad bridge west of Dixie Hwy. Does the term "bureaucratic nightmare" come to mind. Stay tuned as they say.


Anonymous said...

I would guess South Florida Water Management District but they have no policing authority. Therefore it would depend on which side of the waterway they are under the bridge. Hint: If you have to yell at them from the other side of the waterway, they are not in your jurisdiction.

C. Darwin said...

Each side of canal is the right of way for the water management district but unsure how much. Reporter could find out but that takes research. At WinnDixie it’s like Days of Our Homeless Lives with all the homeless fighting all the time. WP police patrol more often but doesn’t do much good. Darbsters and Buds needs to tell people coming and leaving to not give money and leftovers. Doesn’t solve anything except draw them into the neighborhood. People drop off food for them already. LW needs to chain lock dumpsters.

Anonymous said...

Answer is other. FDOTs right-of-way

Anonymous said...

To clarify for your readership: Loaded language (LL) or high inference presumptive logic is a tactic used to alter opinion in readers or viewers of news not purposefully used by responsible journalists. LL elicits emotions positive or negative. In this case certainly to draw negative reactions agreed. Ordinance is neutral. Not LL. Saying PB Post is a crappy newspaper is LL but also true. Cuts both ways you see.

Anonymous said...

Does it matter? LW and so end wpb have a homeless problem. It's a police issue, it's a safety issue. Dies the reporter need to know who controls the bridge to report a double stabbing?

lwbulldog said...

Where’s JoAnn Golden, Ryan Hartman, Cara Jennings, Ryan Maier? Aren’t they the ones who make so much noise about helping the homeless?