Monday, July 4, 2016

Blast from the past: July 4th at "Hot Dog" Park in Lake Worth, a tradition lost in time

A classic photoshop by the inimitable Tom McGow. Learn more using this link.
Here is the flyer from 2009 for the "Fishing Contest and Free Barbeque". 
Tom McGow wrote this about the July 4th 'tradition'/political fundraiser back in 2009 that's been forgotten in the annals of Lake Worth history:

     "The announcement encourages donations of time or money to help the event. I question the fact that you are being asked to donate to a Political Action Committee to fund the picnic. I am also concerned that since Mr. McNamara is running for Mayor the picnic is also a campaign event, no matter how he flips the burgers. Shouldn’t there also be a disclaimer to that effect?
     I’ll pass on the 'free' hot dogs this year."