Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Scary people talking to the press and news media (please watch video below).

Have plans to be at the Lake Worth City Commission meeting tonight? The meeting begins at 6:00 in City Hall.

If attending City meetings is new to you,

Some of the most exciting things happen during breaks. So pay attention. Especially if the news media and press show up. Why? Because that means something is afoot. Below is a video of what you can expect. But first, a short explanation.

Prior to City Manager Michael Bornstein having new cameras and video equipment installed in the Commission chambers, Yours Truly would show up at meetings and take video with my trusty camera and tripod. The City had a video feed back then but it was very clunky and difficult to find any one particular portion of any meeting.

That situation has since greatly improved. Also, you can now watch archived City meetings on YouTube (use this link to see the video archives). However, back in July 2016 the City still had its old system of recording meetings and I was there in my usual spot. The Post beat reporter was there and then CBS12/WPEC showed up with a reporter and cameraman and took a spot in the back of the room too. “Hmmm. Interesting”, thought to myself.

When the Commission decided to take a break the CBS12 crew quickly walked up to front of the room and began interviewing some people. For no reason in particular decided to record the happenings, which took 3 segments of video. Didn’t think too much about it until one of my blog readers called with some interesting observations.

First, the two interviewed at the beginning by CBS12 looked like they were both expecting a TV news crew to show up. If you’re familiar with Commission meetings and those who attend their appearance was noticeably different. At the 4:45 mark the Post beat reporter starts interviewing a former commissioner, Chris McVoy, PhD. Their body language was, well, watch that portion of the video for yourself.

Pay attention during the breaks!

There was quite a lot of ambient noise with a lot of conversations going on all over the room so I replaced the audio with music. Enjoy: