Friday, March 11, 2016

[UPDATE!] Candidate on the ballot said it's time to "start striking fear, shooting down all cops we see by their selves [sic]."

[UPDATE: The Anarchist Ryan Hartman has finally responded after first denying he made those terribly inflammatory comments. Here is an excerpt:
Comments I made about the police in the heat of the moment were unnecessary.
A slight understatement, no? It's also interesting to note that Hartman apologized but Frank McAlonan, his partner on the slate, still has not apologized for his campaign. McAlonan is challenging Lake Worth Commissioner Andy Amoroso for the District 3 seat. Anyhow, back to Hartman, who do you think contributed to Hartman's (or tongue-in-cheek, "The Golden Boy's") campaign so far? You might be surprised. Or not. See the list at the bottom of this blog post. If you didn't know, his campaign has been anything but "Grassroots". Certainly not what you'd expect from a 'radical'. Here is what Hartman is apologizing for, a blog post from last Tuesday:]

Here are just two of many quotes about the police from the Anarchist candidate on the ballot in Lake Worth:
"It's time you guys know that we are no longer playing around with the police departments. Aurora and Denver we are about to start striking fear, shooting down all cops that we see by their selves [sic]."
[and. . .]
"Happy FXXX The Police Day! Remember children. All Cops Are Bastards! Have a great day!"
Here is a mailer recently sent to Lake Worth residents from the Palm Beach County Police Benevolent Association:
If the PBC Police Benevolent Assoc. is concerned then so should you. It's your family, home, and property that's at stake on election day.
In case you didn't know, the Anarchist that knocks on your door looks much different now. He covers up his tattoos, removed the bolt earring, looks clean and well-dressed, and smiles a whole lot.

Do you remember when the issue of the homeless was the only thing Hartman cared about, ignoring all the other important issues the City has to deal with? Since then he's moved on to other distractions and wedge issues to divide the community and neighborhoods.
With all the issues our City needs to address do we need more of the same dysfunction from the past?
Here is a list of the campaign contributors to "The Golden Boy's" campaign:
  • JoAnn Golden
  • Other people named "Golden" from New York and New Jersey
  • Kathleen McGiveron
  • Lynn Anderson (aka, The Obtuse Blogger [TOB])
  • Lawrence McNamara
  • Steven Ellman
  • And a few others I won't list. But, you can see all the contributors using this link to the City's website.


Mark A. Parrilla said...

Here's my observation on why someone with this background would even have the audacity to throw his hat in the ring to run for elected office in Lake Worth. When they can get a hairdressing female impersonator elected, then they figure they can get a cop hating criminal eco-terrorist elected as well. People do you realize what that says about our voting record? ENOUGH SANE LAW ABIDING CITIZENS OF OUR CITY ARE NOT COMING OUT TO VOTE!!!! Let us send them a loud and proud resounding message that is loud and clear this March 15th. Talk to your neighbors, encourage them to talk to their fellow Lake Worth friends and stress to them just HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO GET OUT and VOTE FOR ALL THREE INCUMBENTS. If we loose one it will be as if we lost them all because then the Anarchists will have control of the commission by a majority of 3! Our homes, our safety, our progress are at stake and we have come to far to stop now.

Mark A. Parrilla

Anonymous said...

It should also be pointed out that both McVoy and Maier have Ryan Hartman signs in front of their houses. It is disgusting that two sitting commissioners are supporting an individual who spews hatred towards all law enforcement officers. The residents of Lake Worth deserve better.

Mark A. Parrilla. said...

I agree and disagree at the same time about the residents of Lake Worth deserving better. McToy has been re-elected three times and Lyin' Ryan was elected over a long term resident active in our community and an architect. We deserve what we get if we are not getting out there to vote; this is what we get stuck with....LOSERS THAT WIN ELECTIONS! In what other city would a Dr. of Soil engineering who was fired from his job at South Florida Water Management and a beautician who moonlights as a lip syncing drag queen get elected. This can only happen in a city where sane, responsible, tax paying adults are NOT getting out to the polls on election day! This is why they have set up camp in Lake Worth, you don't see them trying this in Delray Beach, West Palm, Palm Beach and that is because of turn out numbers at elections. They picked us because we have some of the lowest turn out numbers during elections!!! We get what we deserve and hopefully March 15 that will be reflected at the polls. More people should be outraged at this travesty!!!

Mark A. Parrilla

Anonymous said...

There are a number of Ryan Hartman supporters on a Lake Worth facebook page trying to cast aspersion on this document by the PBA and saying it could be faked, and it doesn't contain the screen shots. Those people currently are: Elise LaTorre, Margaret Menge, Tara Green, Sam Smith, Gael Silverblatt, the troll Steve Ellman, Victoria Pearson, Carole Fields and Lynn Anderson (all over her blog).

The screenshots are real, they are posted everywhere. Not just one person took them, but a number of people and they were given to the feds a long time ago.

Gotcha said...

The posters on Facebook can say all they want, but the screen shots have been handed out at numerous NA meetings. At the Royal Poincinia meeting in earlier this year, JoAnn Golden was sitting at the table with Ryan Hartman reading the posts. At the same meeting a member of the audience read directly from the post and questioned Hartman about his comments re law enforcement. Hartman did not denying what was read and gave some lame excuse for his comments. The proof is all through Lake Worth and cannot be denied. Next time Elise LaTorre, Margaret Menge, Tara Green, Sam Smith, Gael Silverblatt, Steve Ellman, Vidtoria Pearson, Carole Fields and Lynn Anderson need to make sure JoAnn Golden and Cara Jennings do a better job of picking a puppet. And there are copies of Hartman's posting under his pseudonym Joseph Parmalee. Remember you can try to change you appearance but what you post on the internet never goes away!!

Anonymous said...

"Elise LaTorre, Margaret Menge, Tara Green, Sam Smith, Gael Silverblatt, the troll Steve Ellman, Victoria Pearson, Carole Fields and Lynn Anderson" the more they deny them to be true the worst they themselves look.

he fessed up at a meeting about them. they cannot publicly denied because it is a cinch to prove they are authentic and he knows it. even jennings acknowledged them all about a dozen times and made excuses for them.

everyone knows about him and has for a long while. this group of ho hos say truth be damned they want a different reality. their reputations as absurdities has grown in leaps and bounds but ssshhhhhh don't tell them they are in cuckoo la la land.

Anonymous said...

I think there's a mistake in this post. It says "[UPDATE: So . . . who contributed to Anarchist Ryan Maier's..." I'm pretty sure Ryan Maier is not an anarchist, and it's Ryan Hartman you're talking about.

P.S. Anarchism is about treating everyone with respect, not just those in positions of authority.

Anonymous said...

When Cara was on the commission, I and those who think like me, were never treated with respect. Loathing would be more accurate, condescending many times and overall an air of gloat that she was in the position of power.

Anarchists treat no one in authority with respect as they feel that no one should be in the position of authority.

Anonymous said...

Amen Mark!

Anonymous said...

Maybe some fine examples of why Pam, Scott and Andy have received so many endorsements especially that of the Firefighters and Police, and now the PB Post. The first responders know exactly which commissioners are their biggest supporters.

It gives me great comfort that my favorite candidates are the same ones who have the backs of our selfless piblic safety people and have Lake Worth's future at top of mind with their deeds and actions.

It's very telling about McVoy and Maier when you see them flock to the anarchy-disruption, and just say no side - I sure hope everyone remembers who these losers backed next year when they are up for reelection. I know I will be saying ''NO" to McVoy and Maier. Lake Worth deserves so much better than these 2 obstructionist, their puppet candidates and of course the puppet handlers.

But it all requires the voters to get out and vote.

Please folks, don't rest on your laurels and figure Pam, Scott and Andy will win.

Let's insure their victory and ours as a city on the move - early voting polls are open, record numbers are being reported here in Palm Beach County and across the nation.

We are at a pivotal moment as a city, so knock on your neighbors doors, talk with them about the direction you want the city to head in, call the candidates and plant their signs in your yard and get out the vote!

And if you so included and have the financial means, make a contribution to any or all three campaigns.

Today is the last day for contributions, you can call a candidate or simply drop contributions off at Andy's store at 600 Lake Avenue.

I know all the candidate would be grateful for your financial support - but they would be far more grateful for you vote next Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Just say NO to anarchism.

Just say NO to uninformed candidates

Just say YES to keeping Lake Worth on track and making progress

Just commit to being part of the sane evolution and continued rejuvenation of our beloved city by the sea.

Just vote for Mayor Pam Triolo, Commisiner Scott Maxwell and Commissioner Andy Amoroso.

Anonymous said...

Nearly 50 percent of the total dollars raised by Hartman came from the Joann Golden & her family. Tells you exactly why he is her puppet.