Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Anarchist candidate in Lake Worth: The numbers show why he's "The Golden Boy"

The Anarchist Ryan Hartman (who has undergone an amazing transformation and style makeover), is running on a slate along with newcomer to Lake Worth politics, Frank McAlonan. Interestingly, from the last four campaign reports we've learned that 70% of McAlonan's campaign contributions have come from outsiders, not Lake Worth residents.

To view all the campaign reports use this link and scroll down for the campaign contribution information.

You would think, since the Anarchist is running a "grassroots" campaign, he'd have a broad spectrum of support. You would be wrong. Here is why Hartman is "the Golden Boy":
  • So far Hartman has raised $5,869
  • How much money from outside Lake Worth? $2,395 (40%)
  • From JoAnn Golden and other people with the last name "Golden" in New York? $1,750 (30%)
From the Anarchist's campaign report you can see he has little support within the City. His biggest campaign supporter that isn't "Golden" happens to be his campaign treasurer: $450. Here is how it adds up:
From outside Lake Worth: $2,395
+ JoAnn Golden: $650
+ Hartman's treasurer: $450
= 60% of campaign contributions.
The Anarchist is challenging Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell for a seat on the City Commission. Maxwell's contributions are much more impressive and show a broad range of support from all over the City, both from the public and the business community.

Campaign contributions are a measure of support someone has in the community. However, one vocal former Lake Worth commissioner thinks the high number of contributions to Maxwell is somehow (and unexplained) improper or suspicious. That assertion is ludicrous.

Take a moment, though, and try to figure out that logic. Would she be making a sweeping generalization or an appeal to pity?