Tuesday, March 15, 2016

More delay and decay versus the renovation of the Gulfstream hotel: Why your vote today is so important

Those that are opposing Mayor Triolo, Vice Mayor Maxwell, and Commissioner Amoroso are using a very clever and disingenuous tactic. They're telling people, "I'm for the Gulfstream hotel reopening but just against THIS project." This is a false choice. Why? Because if this project gets derailed there are no other plans on the table. The hotel has been vacant for over ten years. Are they proposing the hotel stay closed for another five, ten years or even possibly never open again?

That's not to say everyone will be happy with each element of the proposed Gulfstream hotel redevelopment; anyone who examines the project will have his or her critique or criticism be it traffic or an architectural element but that's not a reason in itself to scuttle the project, is it?
Anyone who says they SUPPORT the Gulfstream hotel but DOESN'T SUPPORT the efforts and economic realities to make it happen is offering a false choice.
All along Mayor Triolo, Maxwell, and Amoroso have been making the hard decisions:
The three incumbents strongly support the renovation of the Gulfstream and just recently the owner of the hotel has received the final approvals to move this project forward from the City.

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