Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Disrespect at a community center and garden following the elections on March 15th in Lake Worth

It's customary after the polls close in Lake Worth for each campaign to pick up their trash and any campaign signs. The simple rule is this: The only thing you should leave behind are your footprints.

There are ten voting locations in the City and eight of them are at either a church or a temple. One of those is the Scottish Rite Masonic Center at 2000 North 'D' Street. Along with their community center, all the volunteer support offered, they're also home of the Gray Mockingbird Community Garden. To say the Scottish Rite is an iconic, respected institution in Lake Worth is an understatement.

However, that didn't mean a whole lot to the campaign workers who staffed that location for the Frank McAlonan and Ryan Hartman campaigns. After the polls closed they all went to their cars and left. They didn't bother to pick up all their trash or any of the signs. It was left to the other campaigns to do that work for them: