Saturday, March 19, 2016

Get ready all my loyal readers: The "Beating of the Dead Horse" in the right-hand column of my blog is going away soon.

I know many of my blog readers will be unhappy about this but it's time to move on. If last Tuesday's landslide elections proved anything, it's that another blogger here in Lake Worth has "beaten that dead horse" for far too long. Who is that other blogger? If you don't know it really doesn't matter.

One of my blog readers, a local iconic business owner, will be unhappy this image is being taken off the blog. He laughs hysterically every morning, each and every day at this image (soon to be deleted in the right-hand column):
Don't fret! You can continue to laugh watching the "Beating of the Dead Horse" by the inimitable former Lake Worth blogger, Tom McGow, using this link.
It should be noted that the other blogger's non-attendance at the City Commission swearing-in ceremony yesterday (3/18) made the event so much more pleasant and enjoyable for everyone. Meet the winners in that landslide: Mayor Pam Triolo, Vice Mayor Maxwell, and Commissioner Andy Amoroso:
Of all the challenger's in the election it was only Commissioner Amoroso's opponent that called to congratulate the winner. To watch the video of the swearing-in use this link.