Sunday, March 13, 2016

Lake Worth Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell has a message for the community

First, an interesting observation/question from a reader of my blog: Lake Worth Mayor Triolo, Vice Mayor Maxwell, and Commissioner Amoroso have all expressed great concern about the Anarchist's comments (see below) advocating violence against the police. However, of the slate of candidates that include the Anarchist, not one of those campaigns has issued a statement distancing themselves from those comments advocating violence and the shooting of police officers. Note one. Why would that be? Another thing to remember when you vote on Tuesday, March 15th:
A mailer from Vice Mayor Maxwell about the Anarchist opposing him for a seat on the Lake Worth City Commission.
Here is Hartman the Anarchist prior to announcing a run for a City Commission seat. Remember when all he cared about was the homeless in Lake Worth and nothing else?
Here he is all cleaned up to begin knocking on doors. He looks a bit different doesn't he? Note the hole in his earlobe where the large wrench bolt once was and he keeps the Anarchist tattoos covered up now.
It was only following public outcry did he apologize for the comment above. It's still uncertain if he's apologizing for just this comment or the many others he's made advocating violence.