Thursday, January 11, 2018

Are Hipsters really not hip at all? Or former non-conformists conforming? And what is a Hipster?

Are you a Millennial living in an area that’s undergoing neighborhood and infrastructure improvements, or what some falsely decry as “gentrification”? How do you make yourself stand out amidst all the hubbub of activity? Make yourself noticed? Be a Hipster!

By standard definition a Hipster can be of any race or color, very cool, from any political persuasion or none at all and born after 1980 (or so. . . still a matter of debate), and attracted to ‘blighted’ areas within up-and-coming cities: that’s Lake Worth, Florida!

Now the popularity of World Thrift makes all the sense in the world.

As to the question, “Are Hipsters not hip at all?” Of course not! They are as ‘Hip’ as can be!

Or if Hipster isn’t your cup of tea you can take another path like the dwindling number of Anarchist Millennials (see example below).

Many former Anarchists here in LDub (for the definition of “LDub”, cool slang for “the City of Lake Worth”, click on this link) have been drawn to the life of Apatharchism, then later becoming business people, opening salons, big fans of Starbucks, and use the word “charming” a lot:

Look closely at the written instructions on how and when to empty the human waste bucket. Would
this be considered “charming” to
an Apath-
archist any more?