Thursday, July 13, 2017

Come visit the City of Lake Worth today! We’re home to World Thrift and intellectual home of Apatharchism too!

Calling All Hipster Millennials!

Following wave after wave of good news coming from our little City of Lake Worth, the philosophy of Apatharchism has firmly taken hold here. Adherents include former 60’s-style Anarchists, Millennial-Anarchists, Anarch sympathizers, and affinity members once focused only on the bad news, doom and gloom, and the “Wolf at the Door” that never appeared.

Take for example the City’s bond referendum that passed overwhelmingly last November. Those few blocks of the City once occupied by Anarchists and inaccessible by pogo stick, skateboard, and unicycle will soon have new roads! Areas that already have LED street lighting, new water lines and fire hydrants, upgraded parks and Greenways is fomenting the Apatharchist rebellion. “The roads are new in Lake Worth”, the Anarchist holdouts will observe, not quite enthralled as living conditions improve all around them.

As far as all the other Millennials go, not quite enamored with the Anarchist lifestyle. . . “Calling All Hipster Millennials to Lake Worth, Florida!”

Are you a White Millennial Hipster looking for a place that’s “up and coming”? Do you want to stand out? Make yourself noticed? Be a Hipster here in LDub! By definition a Hipster is White, born about 1980, and is attracted to up-and-coming cities: that’s Lake Worth, Florida!

Having World Thrift located here makes all the sense in the world now. The New Times rated World Thrift one of the best thrift stores ever:

[I]t remains the only place in town to score a vintage silk kimono, a $3.99 collection of mint-condition '70s-era teen magazines, a plethora of options for the next ugly Christmas sweater party, and a White House Black Market dress with the tags still on for ten bucks, all in one afternoon.

However, the looming question remains: are Hipsters really hip and why do they all seem to look alike? Or are they really raging non-conformists who have all conformed?

There are other options as well. You can take another path like the Anarchist Millennials:

Look closely at the written instructions on how and when to empty the poop bucket. And who knows, you might even catch an Anarchist musical while you’re in town.

*LDub, or L-Dub, is slang for “Lake Worth”. The ‘L’ is short for Lake” and ‘Dub’ is short for double-‘u as in the letter “W”, hence the term LDub. Used in a sentence: “Welcome to LDub dude!

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