Wednesday, December 16, 2015

[UPDATE] It's now mid-December—How long before rumored "new" tabloid hits the streets in the little City of Lake Worth

[UPDATE: The days are ticking away and no sign of the new tabloid yet. Have you taken part in the contest guessing the name, price, splash date, and other details about the new rag? Read about that here!]

Downtown businesses are reporting that there's a "new" tabloid about to appear in Lake Worth. It's all hush-hush and the person trying to sell advertising isn't giving up too many details. Pretty strange, isn't it, a tabloid trying to launch behind a thin veil of clandestineness?

Will this be Margaret Menge back again with another tabloid like last year and the blogs before that? Remember when the whole City was in a state of SHOCK! earlier this year? The real shock is how a tabloid can publish a paper for free, with hardly any advertising, and delivered for free to homes in targeted neighborhoods with a high numbers of voters.
Ms. Menge is a serial journalist/editor and only appears about 3 months prior to an election in Lake Worth and then shuts down shop not long after. But did you know she was (or is?) a reporter for The Palm Beach Post?
Would she be referring to this commentary about Dr. Laura Schlessinger? Or something more recent?