Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Post's Kevin Thompson on "Downtown Lake Worth—then and now"

Here is the link to the on-line article. As yet, it hasn't made it into the print edition. The reporter does a decent job of illustrating the great strides that have been made to revitalize the downtown in Lake Worth. He has some interesting quotes and observations like the ones from the NAPC's Mary Lindsey I'll provide an excerpt from below.

Something bothered me for a few days after reading the article and couldn't nail it down until someone brought up this point: this would have made a real good collaboration between Kevin Thompson and Eliot Kleinberg. Mr. Kleinberg, as many of you know, is the resident historian at the Post and he has that element of gravitas when it comes to the history of Palm Beach County.

None of Mr. Kleinberg's work is cited in the article about the history of Lake Worth, which is voluminous, and there isn't any reference to The Lake Worth Herald either. The Herald is the oldest business in Lake Worth and has chronicled the City's history since 1912.
Other than those observations it's a good article and paints the City in a good way. Here is an excerpt from the article where Mary Lindsey is quoted:
     Mary Lindsey moved to Lake Worth in 2003 from Palm Beach. Back then, she remembers downtown being quite dangerous with gang-related drive-by shootings.
     “Now there’s such a feeling of security and downtown has become the friendly neighborhood it was intended to be,” Lindsey said, crediting The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, which took over patrolling the city in 2008.
     As for Lucerne Avenue, Lindsey said there’s still room for improvement. Two popular restaurants — The Cottage and South Shores Tavern and Patio Bar — remain shuttered.
     “There are still some challenges,” she said.
Also referenced in the article is the upcoming 2016 Street Painting Festival and there remain some vendor opportunities at this spectacular City event. Here is the link for more information or call 561-358-8501.

See you at the Festival!
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