Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Comment left under the post titled: "Video: Commissioner Ryan Maier's note reading at quasi-judicial hearing for re-zoning of Gulf Stream hotel project"

Click title for link to the post referred to. Here is the comment:
"Ryan needs to attend Charm school. I asked him a question and he told me "all questions need to be brought up with his manager." Then walked away. Ok?! Who is his manager? Really? He's the commissioner for my district. I'm sorry I voted for him."
Has anyone else received a similar response? I remember when former District #4 Commissioner Suzanne Mulvehill attended a neighborhood meeting. In response to a problem property with code issues in her district, she responded that she represented the whole city, not just her district, as an excuse why she couldn't address the problem. His response falls roughly in the same categorynot my problem.

We have always suspected that Commissioner Maier follows "Orders from Headquarters." This seems to be confirmation. So who is this manager? Are we watching a puppet show when he speaks?