Friday, August 18, 2017

Worth another look. A blog post from October 2015.

The blog post was titled: 

The Loxahatchee ‘Confederate’ flag rally,
a blogger in Lake Worth, and breaking news
from the Florida Senate.

Here is the breaking news [October 2015] from John Kennedy at The Palm Beach Post. The Confederate battle flag is being removed from the official seal of the Florida Senate.

Some might recall recent rallies to “save” the ‘Confederate’ flag which isn’t the Confederate flag; but more on that later. Jess Swanson at the Broward New Times had this article on a ‘Confederate’ flag rally last August. If you recall our good friends in Loxahatchee recently staged one of these rallies right here in Palm Beach County. From the New Times’ article:
     Chris Nicolaus used to drive around Fort Lauderdale with a Confederate flag proudly flapping on the antenna of his truck. But in the mornings, he’d find his vehicle had been keyed overnight. He started bringing the flag into his house in the evenings and putting it back up in the mornings, but that became too tedious, so he stopped. It’s a shame, Nicolaus says, because to him, the Confederate flag is an emblem of Southern culture, not racism.
     “For some people, it means one thing. For others, it means another,” Nicolaus tells New Times. The 35-year-old has lived in South Florida his whole life. “It might’ve meant something different 135 years ago, but for me it means that I’m Southern and enjoy fishing and hunting and being outdoors in the Everglades. We’re not the KKK.”
The flag being referred to is this one (a pleasant message from The Other Blogger [TOB]):
This flag, the ‘southern cross’ is confused with the authentic Confederate flag called the ‘stars and bars’ (See link in following paragraph).

The gentleman quoted in the article needs a history lesson. Here is an article in The Palm Beach Post about the ‘Confederate’ flag, a history much more recent than he’s been led to believe.