Tuesday, October 6, 2015

News from Delray Beach: "Federal Highway draws praise for street appeal and slower traffic"

This news is from Jane Smith at The Coastal Star; here's an excerpt:
     After more than a decade of work, Federal Highway in Delray Beach is back to its roots as a thoroughfare with two lanes in each direction.
     In the mid-1970s the road was widened to three lanes before the state Department of Transportation extended Interstate 95 from Fort Lauderdale north to West Palm Beach. But the plan always called for Federal Highway to be narrowed again, said former City Commissioner Gary Eliopoulus.
     “The road closures took longer than anticipated,” said Eliopoulus, who sat on the commission from 2007 to 2011. “But in the end it will be the best thing that Delray ever did — slowing the cars down near Atlantic Avenue.”
     This time, the roadway is more scenic.
     The approximately $14.2 million project boasts benches, more landscaping dominated by palms, trash cans and pavers used to create wider sidewalks between Northeast Second and Southeast Second streets. It also will have a 5-foot-wide cyclist lane in each direction and on-street parking.
The article is very in-depth and highly interesting. At the end of the article is information on the costs of materials such as asphalt and palms/shade trees. Before long, hopefully, Lake Worth will be hearing from FDOT on proposals to fix Dixie Hwy making the road a "Complete Street" through our City.


Anonymous said...

All well and good but I traveled it recently and its difficult to drive through, not everyone wants to risk I-95 every day. The area is unrecognizable, a highrise canyon, there were moments I didn't know where I was, it all looks the same.

Anonymous said...

Well that area has been a canyon for quite some time. Lots of higher rise buildings along that area. Lost a lot of charm along the way.