Thursday, October 29, 2015

From an actual Letter to the Editor published in the Palm Beach Post on Tuesday, October 27th

Here is an excerpt from the Letter to the Editor published in the Post (won't identify the letter writer):
     As a former social studies teacher [emphasis added], I was particularly angry with those who want to erase the Confederate battle flag from the Florida Senate seal – a knee-jerk reaction to the South Carolina massacre.
     A few years ago, it was the name change of Jefferson Davis Middle School to Palm Springs Middle to reflect the diversity of the community – ignoring those of us who attended or whose children attended the school.
     It is wrong, and an insult to both black and white citizens who fought for the Confederacy. 
Inexplicably, The Palm Beach Post editorial board agrees with the letter writer that the Confederate battle flag should stay on the Florida Senate seal.

Florida Senator Arthenia Joyner (and leader of the Democrats in the Senate) disagrees and she let The Palm Beach Post know it in the strongest possible terms:
Should Palm Springs change the name of Palm Springs Middle back to Jefferson Davis Middle School? That would be an interesting editorial in The Palm Beach Post.