Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Former Lake Worth City Commissioner Suzanne Mulvehill WINS! Rules loosened for development in Ag Reserve

Here is the article from Post reporter Wayne Washington. Drew Martin is quoted in the article and he is not happy and would guess neither is Lake Worth Commissioner Ryan Maier but he doesn't know where the Ag Reserve is so it doesn't really matter.

In retrospect this is all so hard to believe: former Commissioner Mulvehill, the champion of resiliency, sustainability, anti-development, etc. while a city commissioner in Lake Worth became the Chair of the Forced to Farm PAC that was organized to loosen regulations on land development in the Ag Reserve. Try to wrap your head around that one.
Here is the Forced to Farm website. When you go through the site you learn there are many misconceptions about the Ag Reserve, like this one:
You might remember that Suzanne Mulvehill, when she was campaigning for elected office in Lake Worth, had some supporters you might recognize:
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