Wednesday, October 7, 2015

ArtOberfest & another reason to visit funky, quirky Lake Worth, Florida: Go to church and get SAVED! in a bar

Get up early on Sunday morning and visit the world's only 'Recovery' (Southern Baptist) church service IN A BAR! How cool is that? Grab a free breakfast and coffee, sober up, get SAVED, and then party like there's no tomorrow at the Bamboo Room all in the same building in Lake Worth!
Remember church attendees: stay behind the curtain and tip your server well!
Hope to see you next Sunday to praise the Lord at the bar. Service starts at 10:00 A.M. and the address is 25 South 'J' Street in downtown Lake Worth. There isn't a town in south Florida that can throw a party like Lake Worth can. The next big party begins this coming Saturday: make plans for the big "ArtOberfest" party this weekend—the 'Jacks' are in town*:
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*Please drink responsibly.
It's ArtOberfest in downtown Lake Worth; Saturday & Sunday in our spectacular downtown. See the City's renaissance for yourself.