Monday, October 5, 2015

About the Town Hall last week in Lake Worth

The event last Thursday night was very well attended; here is the article by Kevin Thompson on what happened and what to expect going forward. An excerpt from the article:
     “This meeting,” Commissioner Andy Amoroso told the standing-room-only crowd, ” is about finding new leaders in our community.” [emphasis added]
     The one-hour session, organized by Community Partners, Lake Worth’s Community Redevelopment Agency and Bridges at Lake Worth and Bridges at Highland, was an attempt to reach out to an area that isn’t known for participating in the political process, mainly because of cultural differences.
     The goal was to encourage residents to sign up for two, six-week dialogue groups that will run from Oct. 22 through Dec. 3 where participants will meet for two hours each week to come up with an action plan on how to improve their neighborhoods.
     One group will be held in English, the other in Spanish.
I was told quite a few of our Guatemalan neighbors attended. That is very encouraging. If you have more positive, community news in the City of Lake Worth, suburban Lake Worth (including Palm Beach State College) and Greenacres here is how you contact the Post reporter:
Twitter: @kevindthompson1


Contact El Sol said...

El Sol in Jupiter is the model for community outreach for the Guatemalan/Mayans. They should be encouraged to start an office here and advocate for that community. Here is the web site

Anonymous said...

Why not do what was done in a California town, have an illegal on the town council, wait, isn't California's infrastructure even worse than ours? Aren't their hospitals imploding and social services over used and abused?

Anonymous said...

To the above poster, these folks are already here and its unlikely that they will be deported any time soon. So in the meantime it makes sense to ask them to take the lead on making their neighborhoods, which are a part of our city, better.

Empower these folks to report slum lords, unsafe conditions, take pride in their homes and streets, learn our laws on littering, code, etc.