Friday, October 9, 2015

A drive through Palm Beach with Jose Lambiet taking Richard Schlesinger on a tour

About the video: "What's it like living and working in one of the playgrounds of the rich and famous? Gossip columnist Jose Lambiet, who has been covering Palm Beach society for 22 years, takes 48 Hours' Richard Schlesinger for a drive around town." This video was done in October 2014. Driving with the top down in October! Think about that all our good friends in the soon-to-be frigidly cold northern places like Syracuse and Brooklyn NY.   
Right across the bridge from the Town of Palm Beach (33480) is the little City of Lake Worth which is less wealthy than Palm Beach but there's always a lot of fun things to do here. Why don't you come down for vacation and check us out and discover more about the Palm Beaches.
Lake Worth has a BEACH!, golf course, great restaurants, and so much more (photo from Skyline Aerials).